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In the current era, the service industry is becoming one of the most attractive investment sectors today. Travelers around the world want a pleasant and comfortable experience, especially when it comes to the hotel and catering industry. When tourism trends spike, more and more hotels and businesses provide services, the hotel document translation is also essential.

Translation of Hotel Documents - Restaurant Documents

IDICHTHUAT provides a comprehensive solution for translation of hotel documents to serve the needs of not only the hotel industry but also tourism, restaurants,…. With a team of professional translators, we provide more than 50 languages ​​globally and more than 50 different fields of expertise.

Our translators have extensive knowledge and expertise in hotel industry document translation as well as nearly two decades of experience translating various services:

With the rise of the global tourism industry, the translation requirements for this industry have also increased. To translate a seamless content related to this entertainment industry, it takes a creative and expert approach to translate all the terms and present the translated content in the most understandable way.

Translation team of IDICHTHUAT have accumulated knowledge and experience in hotel and food service document translation, with the ability to effectively translate all industry-related terms in addition to bringing many other benefits:

Qualified translators

Take advantage of our team's customer services IDICHTHUAT All are highly qualified and specialized in more than 50 different languages. With many professional translator and have different styles, creating a richer and more diverse translation of standard presentation.

Notarized copy of translation

All customer documents are translated by a team of experts in the service industry and notarized within the same day.

Quick translation

We make sure your translated projects are always completed before the deadline while ensuring that the original message and quality remain intact.

Good price

With minimal costs and quality service, the price of IDICHTHUAT always leading the competition in the translation market. Therefore, choosing for yourself a professional translation company is extremely necessary.

Translation services specialized in hotel management

Idichthuat serves some of the world's leading hotel brands with professional language services that deliver translation accuracy and speed. The international hotel and motel operation produces a large amount of guest communication materials in many different languages ​​in order to provide the best experience for international customers.

Online booking portals, in-room entertainment, hotel service guides and food & beverage menus must be translated accurately, both in language and culture, to ensure good international guest satisfaction Best.

This is why you need Idichthuat. We help some of the world's top hotels confidently engage international guests and tourists with language translations that are not only linguistically correct, but also culturally appropriate.

Hotel document translation service 

The Internet has transformed many industries and modern hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts are web-based for many businesses. Reservations and guest communications are currently in progress online.

This means that hotel operators have to translate their online portals into Mandarin, Spanish, Russian and many other languages ​​in which international travelers book rooms and services. Other hotel services.

Unlike simple document translations, quality website localization requires the translation provider to have both linguistic and technical skills to achieve the best business results.

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Food and beverage menu translation service

Do you need to translate food and beverage menus for your hotel restaurant and catering establishment? We have a large team of bilingual food and drink connoisseurs who can translate your menus with precision and speed.

Translating food quality menus requires more than language skills, it also requires international culinary expertise and global cocktail service to ensure each menu item is perfectly translated. Idichthuat owns a professional translation team with experience in translating documents for the largest hotels, food and beverage restaurants in Vietnam.

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Professional hotel translation team

Idichthuat was the first translation company to allow our clients to measure the performance of our translators in terms of language quality, fast delivery and customer service.

For corporate hospitality clients, we appoint a team of specialized translators to serve all your translation needs to improve language consistency and quality.

Besides, Idichthuat developed a highly transparent translation model so that customers who want to communicate directly with our linguists can use our live chat message box for language queries in real time, resulting in further improved language quality.

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Translation of hotel documents in more than 100 languages

We provide fast and professional translation services for the hospitality and hospitality industries second to none. Having one of the largest teams of experienced linguists and subject matter experts, we are always able to complete your hotel translation projects on time and on budget.

In addition to the translation of documents specialized in hotels, restaurants or tourism above, Idichthuat There are still a number of other reputable and quality translation services, you can refer to such as:


Specialized translation

IDICHTHUAT - Cheap translation company

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