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Today, the circulation and distribution of goods, trade exchanges between regions within the country, and between countries play an increasingly essential role in the national economy.

Specialized Translation Services Specializing in Transport - Transporting Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City

However, the process of transporting goods between countries faces a big obstacle, that is, understanding and complying with the rules of international customs procedures also occurs many errors, causing serious loss to people and property. .

Specialized Translation - Transport

Therefore, the accurate translation of contracts and customs procedures is a prerequisite for every business when engaging in business cooperation with foreign countries. A document translation, Transport specialized translationTransporting goods with quality assurance needs to be done by a reputable and highly specialized translation unit. And this is the reason for you to choose IDICHTHUAT 

IDICHTHUAT is one of the leading translation service providers specialized in transport in Vietnam with the best commitments to customers that no other unit has been able to fulfill. 

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Team of experienced translators

We understand that quality is always the first concern of customers, so the selection and training of senior staff is always a top priority at the company. IDICHTHUAT

With a team of translators consisting of 100%, all have a bachelor's degree in a foreign language, 20% have a master's degree, 10% have a doctorate degree or higher, and also collaborate with many native translators in the translation and proofreading process. Always ensure the accuracy for each translation. 

Translation process ensures quality

IDICHTHUAT is one of the pioneers in applying advanced translation technologies in the world: Trados, Babylon, Wordfast...

And quality management system Vietnam's leading translator

From the application and strict adherence to the regulations that each of our translations bring to our customers, we ensure the best quality. 

Guaranteed deadlines and commitments with the most optimal costs

Through many years of applying high technologies and huge translation memories, customers have saved more than 30% of the cost and time of document translation compared to other companies in the same field. At the same time, the translation process and strict management system have helped IDICHTHUAT ensure 98% of documents are delivered to customers within the committed time. 

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Confidentiality of customer information

With each project on document translation, specialized translation in transportation, security issues are always considered IDICHTHUAT put on top for the "customer's interests" and also to ensure the absolute trust that customers have entrusted to us. 

If you are still wondering in choosing a translation unit, then IDICHTHUAT is the best choice for your project. Contact us today to receive the most dedicated advice! 

Quality and commitment to specialized translation translation

“100% refund if the error is greater than 10%”

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