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You need to find a reputable cosmetic document translation service to get quality translations - high accuracy.

With a team of translators with good translation skills and knowledge specialized knowledge of cosmetics - Idichthuat is your ideal choice.

specialized translation of cosmetics
Translation of documents specialized in cosmetics fast, professional, good price

The Importance of Specialized Cosmetic Translation

Currently, the Vietnamese cosmetic market has a lot of potential for development because of the great beauty demand. Along with that is the diversity of cosmetic supplies from many countries around the world. Most of the products in our country are provided by foreign countries and lack accurate information.

Cosmetic brands from Japan, Korea, Germany, England, Thailand... imported into Vietnam and widely used. Finding out the exact ingredient information also attracts more attention

In addition, cosmetics today are considered as common consumer goods. People use it regularly and become a daily body care routine.

Therefore, the need to translate cosmetic documents from many countries becomes important.

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Specialized Cosmetic Translation Service at Idichthuat

Idichthuat provides specialized translation services for cosmetics in more than 50 different languages ​​such as: English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, .. In which, we receive and process all kinds of translation. Materials related to cosmetics include:

  • Translate manuals for products from many countries.
  • Translating purchase and sale contracts, import and export, joint ventures, company associations...
  • Translation of technology transfer, extraction, process.
  • Translating purchase and sale invoices, sales revenue reports.
  • Translation of degrees and certificates of experts in the cosmetic chemistry industry.
  • Translation of company profile and issues related to cosmetic chemistry.
Professional cosmetic document translation
Cosmetics and cosmetic translation documents you need to know

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Why Choose Idichthuat To Translate Documents Specialized in Cosmetics?

Idichthuat is a prestigious and quality cosmetic translation address. This must be a reliable choice, you should prioritize it.

Team of talented and experienced translators

Translator of Idichthuat enthusiastic young people. They are all trained according to the quality process and have many years of experience in translation specialized in cosmetics. As a result, cosmetic documents will be translated professionally and accurately by them.

Provides many translation service packages

Idichthuat proud to be the unit in the top 10 leading translation companies in Vietnam today. We offer translation service packages in more than 50 languages ​​and more than 100 different specialties to meet all the needs of our customers.

Answer all questions about beauty and cosmetic brands

The company owns a team of young professionals with professional experience. They all have degrees and language skills to be able to understand all the terms in the field of beauty and cosmetics in general. This way, all your questions will be answered in detail.

Moreover, the consulting and caring staff of the company is very responsible and dedicated. The system will serve you wholeheartedly at any time. Therefore, if you have any doubts about this issue, please contact the company immediately so that it can be answered promptly.

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Fast completion deadline, quality assurance

And yet, after the customer sends the document to be translated, the company will conduct a survey and price feedback immediately. Moreover, the specialist also informs the specific time to receive the completed translation for your peace of mind.

All translation information will be absolutely confidential. We are committed to the accuracy of the content and specialized terminology of cosmetics. At the same time, you can also give feedback and evaluation to the specialist in charge during the working process to ensure the highest satisfaction.

company idichthuat
Prestigious, fast, professional translation company

Hope the information shared above helps you understand more about specialized translation of cosmetics. Thereby, you also understand the reasons why you should choose Idichthuat for long-term cooperation in this field. Please contact us soon for more in-depth advice!

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