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We always see subtitles or voiceovers when watching movies or TV series, this concept is called video translation. This is the braille on the screen that helps viewers clearly understand the content of the movie or video. So What is video translation?? And Idichthuat Find out the answer right in the article below.

What is video translation?

Currently, news programs, documentaries, cooking, current events, sports programs, etc. are the subjects of translation. Along with the development of the IT and smartphone industries, the number of videos posted on internet-connected channels such as Youtube and Tiktok is increasing. Therefore, the need for video translation is increasing.

Some rare languages ​​such as Korean, Japanese and languages ​​of European countries, etc. are increasingly common. However, this industry still lacks excellent translators. Compared to administrative translation and literary translation, video translation has its own expressions and conventions. Even experts in other types of translation find it difficult to translate videos.

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Translate English videos into Vietnamese quickly and accurately

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Why should you choose English to Vietnamese video translation service at Idichthuat?

Translate from English into Vietnamese is an extremely popular service in modern society. More and more customers have chosen to serve their own purposes. 99% of customers want to find a cheap English translation address at a reputable center.

the Company Idichthuat is a reputable and trustworthy address that many customers trust and choose when they need to translate videos into Vietnamese. So why are more and more customers choosing this address?

Idichthuat Providing fast, professional service and good prices

The translation team has expertise and experience

Choosing our translation service, customers will receive direct support and dedicated advice from a team of staff with 5 years of experience in the field of translation. Idichthuat We pay great attention to the selection and training of translation staff who are experienced, specialized and knowledgeable in many fields. We always strive to provide a professional working environment to ensure customers always feel satisfied in terms of service, quality and cost.

English translation is certified by a team of professional translators, interpreters and localizers. Our team of international native speakers is knowledgeable and can handle any language you require.

Closed standard translation process

With the desire to always bring customers accurate translations, Idichthuat Follow a strict translation process from receiving documents to having the translation staff proofread, check and edit according to customer requirements. Finally, hand over the translation and wait for a response from the customer. 100% of translations are of the highest quality.

Deliver the translation on time

Using English translation services at our company, customers can rest assured about the translation delivery schedule. The translation team always tries their best to complete the translation according to the schedule agreed with the customer.

Competitive price in the market

Come to the company Idichthuat, customers will enjoy extremely preferential, competitive and transparent prices. We always publicly quote detailed prices to customers before signing contracts, ensuring customers always feel secure and feel most satisfied with the service when working with us.

Multi-field, multi-language

With English to Vietnamese Video translation service with us, you can completely rest assured without any limitations, from popular languages ​​such as: Russian, English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean to Other rare languages ​​such as Latin, Dutch, Turkish, Italian... 100% are translated and proofread directly by native speakers, who are qualified and have a good heart.

Commitment to service at Idichthuat

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In addition to services Translate English videos into Vietnamese, we also provide customers with video translation services in Korean, French, Chinese, Japanese, etc. With more than 10 years of experience in the translation industry, an experienced, carefully selected translation team are all professionally translated according to a closed process. We will definitely satisfy all customers in terms of both quality and translation costs.

Please contact even Idichthuat to meet with consultants and provide extensive support on issues related to English video translation. We will contact you immediately after receiving your request. Always ready to serve 24/7, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

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