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Translate Chinese videos into Vietnamese is a job that requires the translator to understand terms and clips accurately. As well as helping viewers from all over the world understand the content and ideas that the Videos want to convey. Understanding this need, Idichthuat Bringing you reputable and reliable video translation services - 24/7 customer support.

The current need to translate Chinese videos into Vietnamese

The domestic television and film industry really cannot meet the entertainment, enjoyment and information needs of the public. Most films with topics related to all areas of political life, culture - society, science and technology, economics, and information technology do not really meet entertainment needs. , enjoyment and information of the public.

Therefore, the source of foreign films imported into Vietnam, especially from China, has been increasing and accounts for a large volume of the current film market in all genres. That's why the need for video translation and subtitled movie translation must meet the corresponding imported movie.

Translate Chinese videos into Vietnamese accurately
Translate Chinese videos into Vietnamese quickly and accurately

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Some things you need to know about video translation

People's need for entertainment is increasing, leading to the strong development of film activities and spreading worldwide. Accordingly, entertainment channels and film distribution channels purchase copyright and transmit it outside the territory of that country; Television centers easily reach foreign audiences.

The success and coverage of the film are calculated by rating numbers. This is also the reason why it is necessary to translate videos and movie subtitles to help viewers understand the content of the movie as well as understand what the characters are saying and attract viewers. At the same time, this is also a method to help convey the message and connection that the video wants to send to viewers.

Simply put, video translation is the translation of a video with the hope of helping viewers who do not speak the same language understand the film's content.

Reputable Chinese to Vietnamese video translation price in HCM
What should you keep in mind when translating Chinese videos into Vietnamese?

For foreign movies such as Japanese, American, Korean, Thai, etc., you will see the movie subtitles as braille running on the screen, helping viewers understand the content and dialogue in the movie. called vietsub. However, some films require a team of translators to listen, copy and translate the content.

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Chinese to Vietnamese video translation service – company Idichthuat

Idichthuat is the address that has been gradually asserting its position in the market as a professional translation unit. We are highly appreciated for our service quality, reasonable translation costs and dedicated, thoughtful service style. Therefore, this place is one of the addresses providing video translation and movie subtitle services, trusted and chosen by a large number of individuals and businesses.

Main services of the company Idichthuat including translation, interpretation, adding subtitles, dubbing, recording, etc. Our goal is to expand into the international market, creating a large network of collaborators across the world. countries and territories around the world. Combined with the effective support of a team of editors, technicians, ... to contribute to the overall success of customers and the company.

Idichthuat Committed to fast, accurate, cheap service

On the market today there are many translation companies, however Idichthuat known as the leading reputable translation address. We are loved and trusted by many customers and businesses thanks to the following 3 reasons:

  • – 99% of customers trust and are satisfied with the services we provide. We are the address with the best after-sales service and customer care. Providing the best prices on the market with many gifts and gratitude incentives for holidays and New Year and 24/24 customer support upon request.
  • 100% of the team of translators have professional expertise, university degrees in domestic and foreign languages ​​or higher, translation experience from 3 to 20 years, deep professional knowledge, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Along with that are thousands of domestic and foreign translators who have collaborated over the years. Customer documents are followed in accordance with translation procedures, security policies, guaranteed quality, and quick transactions and payments.
  • Commitment to translations is also used by translation support software and advanced equipment to ensure terminology uniformity in all translated documents when required.

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Idichthuat Thank you customers for your trust and interest Chinese to Vietnamese video translation service of the company and always look forward to having long-term cooperation opportunities with customers. Contact Consulting to be served as soon as possible.

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