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Literature or books are indispensable documents in daily life. Even today, when society has developed with advanced technologies, people finding books, newspapers, handwritten letters ... is still a hobby, a passion of many people.


Literature is a type of composition in which the problems of social and human life are presented. The creative mode of literature is through fiction, content expression, and themes expressed through language. The term literature sometimes has the same meaning as literature.

Literature has many different genres such as novels, short stories, poems, scripts, critical theories, etc. Domestic and foreign literature has a long history of development, creating an extremely wide knowledge base. big. Not only that, with each passing moment, we receive new brainchild from authors around the world who update the literature.

Literary translation – professional book translation

Therefore, regardless of the era, the translation of literary documents or books has always been of interest to everyone. Literary language does not necessarily follow a certain sequence, meaning is not only based on the words in the work, but also hidden through artistic methods that require translators to have a rich vocabulary. the creativity and flexible combination to make the sentences more elaborate while still keeping the author's ideas.

Literary material has many different genres such as:

  • Works of short stories, literary theory.

  • Works of short stories, novels, poems, prose...

  • Book materials from domestic sources and sources from libraries around the world.

  • Magazines, publications, domestic and foreign literary newspapers.

  • Videos, clips analyzing, evaluating, commenting on literary works.

  • Manuscript documents of books, newspapers, stories, novels.

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