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In the context of increasingly extensive globalization, the insurance industry has been developing beyond national borders, requiring increasingly complex multilingual information exchange.

Specialized insurance translation plays a key role in connecting markets, ensuring the integrity of insurance contracts, and facilitating international cooperation in this area. This translation process includes many important entities such as multinational insurance companies, insurance brokerage offices, state regulatory agencies, and especially translation experts with in-depth knowledge. about insurance. They face the challenge of accurately translating technical terms such as “premium”, “insurance benefits”, “exclusion clauses”, as well as diverse types of insurance such as life insurance, non-life insurance, health insurance, and reinsurance.

In addition, translation must also take into account the specific legal and cultural factors of each country, ensuring that the content being conveyed is not only linguistically accurate but also appropriate to the local context. .

The importance of specialized insurance translation

Currently, there are many different types of insurance including non-life insurance, life insurance, business insurance, social insurance...The target audience of insurance is not only domestic customers but also customers from countries around the world. Therefore, there will be differences in language that make it difficult for insurance companies.

Therefore, the translation of documents related to the insurance industry is focused on to narrow the language gap and working time with customers. The work of translating documents and documents related to the insurance industry is always given top priority.

Specialized insurance translation
Fast and accurate insurance specialized translation services

Quote for specialized insurance translation services

Notarized translation price quotes vary, mainly depending on the language to be translated, whether the document is easy or difficult to translate, and whether it is urgent or not. If the document is a hard copy and cannot count words, it will be calculated according to probability. Translation quotes vary according to the actual needs of both parties or the project. To receive a specialized insurance quote, please send documents to us first:

1. Online translation quote

  • Step 1: Send documents directly with some contact information
  • Step 2: Idichthuat will review documents and provide detailed quotes to customers. Customers will deposit 50% of the translation cost
  • Step 3: Carry out translation + Notarization, and copy documents
  • Step 4: Contact and return the translation to the customer at the address. Customers pay the remaining costs after receiving documents

2. Direct translation

  • Step 1: Customers directly bring documents and documents that need to be translated Idichthuat
  • Step 2: Idichthuat will receive documents, quote directly and customers deposit 50% of translation costs in advance.
  • Step 3: Carry out translation + Notarization, and copy documents
  • Step 4: Contact customers to pick up or ship documents to the customer's requested address after completing the translation
Prestigious insurance specialized translation service
Quote for specialized insurance translation services

Reputable & quality insurance specialized translation unit?

Currently, the insurance sector is extremely attractive to foreign investors. More and more large and small domestic and international insurance companies are appearing. Many insurance companies have been forming large financial and insurance corporations. That's why specialized insurance translation has become more vibrant and bustling than ever before in the face of high international integration.

Idichthuat is proud to be a provider of high quality translation services in the specialized field of insurance. Operating in many fields including: insurance, investment fund management, banking, securities, property leasing and is present everywhere.

Idichthuat brings high quality translation service solutions in the specialized field of insurance. Possessing a team of highly experienced and specialized staff in the insurance field, ensuring to perfectly meet customer requirements such as interpreters and specialized document translators.

We are committed to bringing customer satisfaction with accurately translated specialized insurance documents such as:

  • Translate documents proving property damage, insurance claim forms, documents for appraisal...
  • Translate various types of insurance contracts: life insurance contracts, auto insurance or health insurance,...
  • Translate information of the parties related to the insurance agreement and signing.
  • Translate terms, documents... with content related to insurance.

Idichthuat are preferred and trusted by many customers when they need translation in general and specialized insurance translation in particular because we have many outstanding advantages. Commitments in the field of specialized translation are as follows:

  • The translation team is selected and has in-depth experience in the insurance industry.
  • Detailed and flexible quotes, there are always incentive programs given to customers who use the service in large quantities.
  • Absolute confidentiality of insurance industry documents and customer personal information
  • Time to complete the translation according to the contract
  • Translation has a permanent translation warranty.
  • Our staff accepts requests 24/7
  • Completely free consultation whenever customers need translation.
Specialized insurance translation prices
Idichthuat – FAST – REPUTABLE – CHEAP translation unit

If you need Specialized insurance translation or need specific advice, please contact us immediately Idichthuat to make optimal choices, supported by the receiving staff.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What specific challenges are there in insurance translation?

Insurance industry translation faces many challenges such as: accurately translating technical terms (for example: "insurance premium", "insurance benefits", "exclusion clause"), ensuring consistency across diverse insurance types (life, non-life, health, reinsurance), and integration of country-specific legal and cultural factors.

2. How many main types of insurance need to be translated?

There are 4 main types of insurance that need to be translated:

  • Life insurance
  • Non-life insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Business insurance

There are also sub-types such as social insurance and reinsurance.

3. Idichthuat What specialized insurance translation services do we provide?

Idichthuat provides the following specialized insurance translation services:

  • Translate documents proving property damage
  • Translate insurance claim form
  • Translate documents for inspection
  • Translate all types of insurance contracts (life, auto, medical)
  • Translate information of parties involved in insurance agreements
  • Translate insurance-related terms and documents

4. Idichthuat Do you provide interpretation services for the insurance industry?

Have, Idichthuat Service Provider interpreters specializing in insurance, meeting the need for direct communication in meetings, seminars or negotiations related to the insurance field.

5. How to ensure the confidentiality of insurance documents when using translation services?

Idichthuat Committed to absolute confidentiality of insurance industry documents and customer personal information. The company applies security measures such as: signing confidentiality agreements, using secure storage systems, and training employees on information security procedures.

6. What is the average time to complete an insurance translation?

The time to complete an insurance translation depends on the length and complexity of the document. On average, a 1000 word document can be completed in 24-48 hours. For large or complex projects, the time can last from 3-5 working days.

7. How to ensure consistency in the use of insurance terms when translating?

To ensure consistency, Idichthuat use:

  • The insurance terminology database is updated regularly
  • Terminology Management System (TMS – Terminology Management System)
  • Cross-checking process between translators
  • Apply ISO 17100:2015 standard on translation

8. Idichthuat Does emergency translation service for insurance documents available?

Have, Idichthuat Providing emergency translation services for insurance documents with completion time 2-3 times faster than usual. The surcharge for this service is usually from 30-50% depending on the urgency and volume of work.

9. How to evaluate the quality of an insurance specialized translation?

To evaluate the quality of a specialized insurance translation, Idichthuat Apply a multi-dimensional evaluation process:

  • Check the accuracy of specialized terminology
  • Evaluate consistency in term use
  • Check for grammatical and syntactical appropriateness
  • Evaluate the fluency and naturalness of the text
  • Consider compatibility with the culture and legal regulations of the target market

This process is performed by experts with experience in the fields of insurance and linguistics.

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