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Specialized translation is not just a simple translation process but also a delicate combination of art of expression and in-depth knowledge of a special field. In a world of diverse languages, converting information accurately and conveying full meaning in the technical field is indispensable. Let's Idichthuat Explore this important aspect through the table Technical translation service prices right below.

What is specialized technical translation?

Translating technical documents is the process of converting specialized information from one language to another. In comparison with other social fields, technical translation is a particularly complex type of document, requiring expertise with many terms, usage, and containing special content and conventions. creates great challenges for compilers.

Technical translation requires the translator to be able to convert content from the source text into translation, with the goal of helping customers clearly understand both the language and content of the document.

Technical translation
What is specialized technical translation?

Quote for specialized technical translation services

Below are detailed quotes for specialized technical translation services at Idichthuat:

  • Translating from English to Vietnamese costs depending on the number of words, with prices ranging from 55.000 to 75.000 VND for 300 words.
  • Translate languages ​​such as French, Russian, German,
  • China prices range from 90.000 to 110.000 VND.
  • Languages ​​like Japanese and Korean have word costs 120.000 to 150.000 VND.
  • Spain, Portugal, Poland, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Czech, Sino-Nom with prices from 190.000 to 250.000 VND.
  • Languages ​​such as Arabic, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Italian, Swedish have prices that are announced after receiving documents.
  • Similarly, other languages ​​such as English, Danish, Iranian, Myanmar, Slovakia, Philippines, Finland, Ukraine, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Netherlands have quotes after receiving documents.

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Translation process steps at Idichthuat

Translation process at Idichthuat is a strict and professional process, ensuring high quality. Below are the detailed steps in the translation process at Idichthuat:

Technical translation prices
Steps for professional technical translation at Idichthuat

Receive and evaluate documents

  • Receive documents from customers and perform assessment of specific order requirements.
  • Distinguish between source language and target language.
  • Estimate time and cost based on workload and document difficulty.

Classify and deliver translation

  • Classify documents based on topic and discipline.
  • Choose a translator suitable to the characteristics and requirements of the document.
  • Assign the translation to the translation teacher and provide detailed instructions.


  • Translation teachers translate documents based on in-depth knowledge and language skills.
  • Use translation support tools to ensure high accuracy and performance.

Proofreading and checking

  • Translations are proofread by other translators and editors to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Check grammar, sentence structure, and accuracy of specialized terminology.

Back translation and comparison

  • Perform back translation to compare with the original and ensure equivalence of meaning.
  • Compare the translation with the original to confirm accuracy.

Submit the original and translation

  • Send translations and originals to customers to confirm and compare information.

Deliver documents

  • Submit complete translation documents and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Customer support if there are any requests for adjustments or additions.

Notes before specialized technical translation

when the Technical translation in Idichthuat, there are some important notes to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation. Below are important points to note when performing specialized technical translation:

  • Specialized knowledge: Translators need to have in-depth knowledge of the specific technical field to understand the terminology, context, and special requirements of the industry.
  • Use support tools: Use specialized translation tools and technical dictionaries to ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology.
  • Pay attention to grammatical structure: Make sure the grammatical structure of the translation accurately reflects the grammatical structure of the source text.
  • Suitable for the target audience: Translate the text to suit the target audience, including their understanding of language and culture.
  • Guaranteed high accuracy: Pay attention to both semantic and terminological accuracy to avoid misunderstandings and errors.
Low-cost specialized technical translation unit
Be careful when translating technical subjects accurately

After the above value sharing, Idichthuat believe that you have received information about specialized translation services along with accompanying costs. Our team is always ready to support you with professionalism and dedication. Don't hesitate contact Contact us immediately for quick advice and support. We are committed to accompanying you to bring outstanding translation experience and highest satisfaction.

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