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The advancement of technology is increasing and the appearance of various types of video games is inevitable. The electronics industry is gradually becoming an industry with huge attraction, attracting many participants.

For a video game to be widely popular, it must of course be translated into the most professional and accurate language. Therefore, the demand for video game translation is increasing and the search for translation company is essential for accurate translation quality.

Translation What is a Video Game?

Video game translation is a process where the translator must learn the content of the game, understand the interface, by practical experience, and then convert this language into the language to be translated correctly.

professional video game translation
Game translation, video games and things to know

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What Benefits Does Video Game Translation Bring?

When you want to bring your product to another country, to make that product more and more popular, to be joined by many people, not just encapsulated in a certain territory, then it is necessary to have a locality. documenting.

In addition, the translation will ensure that the game content is converted into the correct language, helping players enjoy the game in a great way, helping them to easily grasp the plot of the game. play that or the important factor that is how to play. Finally, it can be seen that if the video game product is translated into a language that is understandable to the user, it will help score points in the eyes of the player.

Types of Video Game Translation Services Idichthuat Bring

The electronic industry platform is becoming more and more widespread, requiring a company producing video game products, if they want their products to be promoted and used in many places, they must have a translation or interpretation partner. translation to be able to support and help their products be disseminated in many countries.

Realizing that essential need, understanding how essential video game translation is, should idichthuat brought video game translation services to help remove the language barrier between game makers and users, making that product accessible to all walks of life, helping them get an ideal game . Idichthuat provides video game translation services in more than 50 different languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, .. with the following documents:

  • Translation of game introduction documents, games and instructions on how to play.
  • Translation of online games.
  • Website interface translation, advertising.
  • Voiceover and voiceover services.
  • Translation of documents, game texts and subtitles.
  • Mobile game translation.
  • Translation of most games.
  • Newsletter translation.
  • Video game play material.
  • Art design.
professional game translation service
The benefits of translating games and video games today

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Why Choose Video Game Translation Service at Idichthuat?

Multilingual translation

We have a team of professional translators who are fluent in more than 50 different languages: English, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian and many more. This helps customers' requirements to be resolved effectively, with proficiency in different languages, so the translation is of the best quality, fast and accurate.

The translation team works responsibly

With a strict selection process, long training and thorough training. For some types of games, the translator is required to perform all levels of the game, understand the command keys, understand the game plot, please rest assured to come to IdichthuatOur team always upholds the spirit of enthusiasm and high responsibility for work.

Quick translation

With a team of expertise, high working spirit, equipped with translation skills and methods, customers' requests will be resolved quickly and accurately.

Translation quality

Please rest assured when coming to Idichthuat, with the platforms we have, we make sure the translation is of the best quality before it reaches you, so that the translation can promote the benefits it brings.

Good price

With the current development of video games, translation companies appear more and more, the competition is extremely high, especially in terms of price. We are confident that the unit has the cheapest translation price in the market, but the quality is always guaranteed in the best way. This is probably a requirement that few translation agencies can bring to customers, but with Idichthuat that's entirely possible.

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Idichthuat Bring a professional translation team, reasonable price

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Commitments When Using Video Game Translation Services At Idichthuat

First, we are now present all over the country, solving the concern about geographical distance, meeting the requirements of all customers near and far, contributing to the speed, convenience, and service delivery. close to the customer.

Secondly, the translation team works professionally, with expertise, high technology, and extensive experience to ensure the translation quality achieves absolute accuracy, the vocabulary is used richly, and it is attractive to the audience. image that the customer wants to target.

Third, with the strong development of video games, the issue of time plays a role in the success or failure of a game, so the deadline that we complete is always guaranteed, will not happen. case of delay as committed.

Fourth, besides the above factors, we are confident to be a provider of quality translations at extremely affordable prices, solving economic concerns of our customers.

If you have a need to use the service video game translation, then contact Idichthuat to get quality translation - fast time - efficiency - reasonable cost - high security.

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