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Vietnam is a developing country at breakneck speed. With an increasing population, the demand for travel is also increasing, especially for personal vehicles. This has contributed to the development of the automobile industry.

Professional Automotive Technical Document Translation – Fast

Professional Automotive Technical Document Translation - Fast

However, the majority of cars are now assembled and imported only in Vietnam. Meanwhile, foreign car companies are also investing more and more in our country, which has made the need to translate documents about the automotive engineering industry necessary, helping businesses to quickly process. related documents and procedures… and engineers, workers and technicians also need documents to repair, maintain and assemble the product according to the correct process.

Automotive engineering is an industry that integrates knowledge of many fields such as mechanics, automation, electricity - electronics and machine building technology, specializing in the exploitation, use and management of automotive engineering services such as: managing spare parts production, assembly, improvement, and efficiency improvement...

Automotive technical document translation is also diverse in content

Automotive technical document translation also has a variety of contents as follows:

  • – Documentation of maintenance, repair and use of engines.
  • - Document the automatic alarm and anti-theft system on the vehicle.
  • - Product warranty documents, auto parts.
  • - Translating research documents, improving technology in the automotive industry.
  • - Technology documents for car diagnosis, repair and inspection.
  • - Documentation of automatic control systems in cars.
  • – Document skills on automotive production management and technology processes into practice.
  • - Documentation for installation and design of cars.

Translating any document has certain requirements so that the translation can be perfect when it reaches the customer. The same goes for translating automotive technical documents. This is a job that requires the highest accuracy in the technical document translation industry because it is a combination of many different sectors and fields. Translating these documents requires translators not only to have good foreign language skills, but also to know how to flexibly apply specialized vocabulary so that the translation is both meaningful and easy to understand for readers.

With Over 6 years of experience worked and completed hundreds of translation projects for partners. We have a team of translators and collaborators with good foreign language skills, who are studying and working in the field of automotive engineering. With that expertise, Idichthuat is committed not only to providing customers with quality translations but also to satisfy our service style.

Please contact Idichthuat today to get the fastest advice and quote - the most accurate!

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