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You are looking for one Prestigious and quality medical translation unit But I don't know if the cost is too high. Choosing Translation services helps you be more proactive in your work. We would like to send you details Medical translation price for your reference.

Accurate medical translation

Medical translation has high complexity, scientific terminology, many specialized words, difficult to understand... If the document is translated incorrectly, it can lead to errors in medical research, treatment, and use. Using drugs or diagnosing diseases, etc. leads to endangering the patient's health and life.

Thus, translators of medical documents must be very good at the language, knowledgeable of medical words, grasp and understand the nature of the problem being conveyed in the profession of medicine, medicine, and medicine. economic.. in-depth. Furthermore, translating specialized medical documents and texts requires extensive dedication and expertise.

Accurate medical document translation
Specialized Medical translation services

Quote for specialized medical translation services

Specialized documents such as medicine and medical documents require absolute accuracy and professionalism. Must ensure the complete and accurate content of the style and semantics of the original text.

Be a smart customer in finding yourself a reputable, quality translation unit. Be careful with cheap translation businesses, because choosing unprofessional service units can cause serious consequences. Therefore, you need to find a reliable provider of specialized document translation services.

What factors affect the price of medical translation?

In fact, not all documents are priced the same, translation costs will depend on many factors as follows:

  • Target language: English translation costs are cheaper than Japanese, Korean, French translations... and higher prices. The less people learn a language, the higher the translation cost will be.
  • Text complexity level: Translating specialized documents requires a lot of knowledge and skills, so it also affects the quote.
  • Translator structure: Large projects require a manager, so additional translation costs arise.
  • Discount based on quantity: The more pages that need to be translated, the lower the translation price will be.
  • Urgent translation request: If the document needs to be translated urgently within the same day, an additional fee will be incurred.
  • Certificate: In cases where a notarized translation is needed, authenticity is required, it is stamped at the Department of Justice... usually the price will be higher.
Reputable specialized medical translation
What factors influence the price of medical translation?

Idichthuat – a reputable address providing specialized medical translation

Idichthuat is a company with nearly 10 years of experience in the field of translation, with outstanding strengths in many different specialties. For field medical translation, medical, we are committed to providing accurate translations.

  • Strict quality control: All specialized medical documents are handled by a team of specialized medical translators with expertise, qualifications and experience. Committed not to make even the slightest mistake in the translation of medical, medical, and specialized documents. With the support of specialized translation support software, translators will easily check and detect translation errors right during translation. 100% of translated documents and documents in the medical and medical industry are censored by various senior experts after having translation drafts from Translators.
  • Confidentiality of information and translation of medical documents: Translation is committed to protecting and encrypting all customer information, absolutely no one can access it without the customer's consent. Information is kept confidential according to NDA standards, protected by Vietnamese Law.
  • Consulting on translating documents in the Health and Medical industry 24/7: consulting and customer service staff to answer questions, always ready to serve 24/7 every day of the week.
  • The most competitive cost in the market: translating specialized medical documents - our department always meets two criteria: competitiveness, cheap price and meeting the translation needs of each customer and business. Always provide customers with optimal cost-saving solutions.
Fast, accurate, good price translation service at Idichthuat

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Specialized documents always have different complexities and specificities, in order to get the most accurate quote. Dear customers, please contact hotline and send the draft for us to check and quote in just 5 minutes. Specialized translation at Idichthuat will bring you absolute satisfaction.

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