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Tender document translation how much? Is it expensive? This is always the question many people ask when looking for something Notarized translation unit. If you need to translate documents or bidding documents, the cost will be very high. Together Idichthuat Find out the details Notarized price for translation of construction permits and bidding documents Right in the article below for reference.

Notarized translation price of reputable bidding documents
Professional notarized translation service of bidding documents and construction permits

Factors affecting the price of translation of bidding documents and construction permits

Price for translation of bidding documents and construction permits There are always many different levels at translation units, and depend on the following factors:

type of document

There are many documents and papers in the bidding documents that contractors need to present. This type of document has many specialized words so it is more difficult, requires a qualified translator and takes a lot of time to translate. Therefore, the cost will also be higher than normal documents.

Number of documents

This factor greatly affects the cost of notarized translation, because the bidding documents include one or two types of documents. If the quantity is larger, the cost will also increase.

Language translation

The profile language can be some common popular language such as: English, Chinese, Japanese,... or it can be a rare and difficult language such as Arabic, Ba Tu, Lao,... Certainly there is a difference between these two languages, usually a popular language will have a lower translation price than a rare language.

Requires time

Handing over documents in a timely manner will require more translation staff to complete as soon as possible. Therefore, the salary paid to translators must also be higher.

Idichthuat – The most standard notarized address for translation of bidding documents?

Notarized translation of bidding documents always requires high accuracy along with proficient skills in using specialized words. Even a small mistake can cause the investment invitation to lose opportunities, or even fail. Therefore, choosing a professional and reputable bidding document translation unit to help businesses participate in bidding helps you demonstrate your capabilities and have a chance to win the bid.

Notarized translation of accurate and complete bidding documents is an opportunity to help you win the bid, Idichthuat Understanding this factor, we have built a team of translators and interpreters with many years of experience, extensive knowledge and understanding of majors such as: Finance, Banking, construction, healthcare, records, etc. Technical documents... This helps notarize and translate bidding documents accurately, quickly and on schedule for you to win the bid.

Fast, accurate, cheap notarized translation address

Cost of notarized translation of bidding documents at Idichthuat

To know exactly how much a notarized translation of bidding documents costs, please contact hotline 0866.682.329. Besides, we also regularly have incentive programs and discounts for familiar customers, with the cheapest translation quotes on the market.

For customers who choose to use the notarized translation service of construction permits and bidding documents at Idichthuat Preferential policies are always applied. The cost is cheaper the larger the volume of translated pages.

Benefits for customers when choosing notarized document translation at Idichthuat

Notarized translation of bidding documents and construction permits in Idichthuat quality in the fastest time. We are committed to providing customers with the best and most satisfying experience after each use of our service. With many years of experience in the market, we know more than anyone else what we need to do to help customers win the bidding package. Always strive to create the most accurate translations down to every word.

Translation costs at Idichthuat always have affordable prices and are considered the best on the market. Compared to other translation units, the price is always highly competitive while still ensuring quality.

the Company Idichthuat commitment

  • All information about the content of bidding documents is absolutely 100% confidential.
  • Refund immediately to customers if the translation is wrong, do not touch
  • Free delivery of documents and records to loyal customers nationwide
  • Free 24/24 consultation and information support
  • The document layout after translation is 100% true to the original, with accurate specialized terminology
Commitment to service at Idichthuat

Customers are interested and have needs Notarized translation of personal documents, text, documents into any foreign language or from foreign language into Vietnamese. Contact now company Idichthuat for specific advice and quotes.

We commit to be on time and meet the customer's requirements. All information about Notarized translation services of bidding documents, please contact the hotline number 0866.682.329. We are honored to accompany and serve our customers!

Refer to section Translation quotes by number of words, by hour, by page được Idichthuat The latest updates help you understand details about translation prices.

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