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Are you looking for a notarized English translation company?? Are you looking for a professional translation partner? Idichthuat Proud to be a notarized English translation service supplier quickly, accurately with the best cost on the market. 

Notarized English translation in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi
Notarized English translation in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Current Notarized English Translation Needs

English is the most widely used language in the world. Currently, nearly 1 billions people have the ability to use English as their mother tongue. This is a compulsory language to learn at high schools and universities in Vietnam. 

In addition, English is also considered the second language of many countries. English is always the top focus and an indispensable tool in daily communication life not only in Vietnam but also in other Asian countries. 

Notarized English translation roughly understood as the process of translating documents bearing the seal of an organization or agency into Vietnamese. Accordingly they are legalized (See consular legalization service) and valid for use. In English, notarized translation is called "Notarized translation". 

In fact, the translated document will be taken to the district judicial office or other authorities for certification. Ensure that the translation is correct in terms of content and semantics compared to the original document. It must be signed by the translator and posted at the judicial office.

What Documents Can Be Notarized English Translation

Notarized translation will usually perform language conversion from English to Vietnamese for documents. Which includes:

  • English degree, English certificates.
  • Notarized labor contract, payroll, timesheet.
  • Notarization of study abroad documents.
  • Dossier for visa or labor export.
  • Business registration certificate.
  • Investment Certificate
  • Business contract.
  • Certificate of origin, quality, bill of lading.
  • English criminal record.
  • Notary Service School profile Notary Service. 
  • Graduate diploma.
  •  Curriculum Vitae, Certificate of Merit.
  • Identity documents, marriage registration certificates….

Why You Need Notarized English Translation

Due to the widespread popularity of English, businesses need to trade widely in the international arena. Above all, this language is classified as a universal language, so it is used by many countries. Such a feature, so almost every business needs Notarized English translation for the first time

In addition, people sometimes need to use this service to authenticate documents going abroad. Students studying abroad need notarized English translation company to do visa procedures.

Why You Need Notarized English Translation
Why You Need Notarized English Translation

Idichthuat Providing The Most Quality Notarized English Translation Services

Currently,English notarized translation demand is increasing higher and higher. There are also many agencies in the market that offer this service. They have been responding well to the requirements of the majority of customers.

However, it is also difficult to avoid choosing the wrong address due to your lack of experience translation experience as well as not being aware of the importance of this service. To help you more in notarizing legal documents, Idichthuat is a place to provide reputable quality translation services . We believe that the following advantages will make you more satisfied.

Idichthuat Guaranteed Stable Translation Quality

Idichthuat has many years of experience in the field of notarized English translation. Therefore, every process is carried out professionally and with the utmost care. The company will refund 100% of the cost if there are any errors in the quality of translation.

Dedicated Support Staff 24/7

We are always there to support you in any situation. If you use the service of IdichthuatCustomers will experience the most relaxing and comfortable feeling. Because all documents you deliver are fully translated and notarized by legal procedures. You just need to do your works like signing the confirmation. The company's staff will support you wholeheartedly and help you do it all. 

Dedicated Support Staff 24/7
Dedicated Support Staff 24/7

Idichthuat Reasonable Quotation, Fast Time

Services of Idichthuat provided at a reasonable cost. Above all, the above service will meet and solve your needs well. If there is any mistake, the company will be fully responsible and you will not have to pay any other cost.

On the other hand, all your documents that we handle will be kept completely confidential. The relevant documents after completing the contract transfer, we automatically destroy them all to ensure privacy and security for customers. Quick translation time is also part of your satisfaction. After quotation, we will let you know the completion time. Best of all, the company will contact you as soon as the notarization documents are completed. 

So, through the article you also know the details about notarized English translation company?. Please contact Idichthuat right now to experience the professional service with the best cost on the market.

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