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Hydrology, also known as Hydrology (meaning the science of water) - is the science that studies the properties, movement and distribution of water (liquid and solid) throughout the earth. It has the physical and chemical interactions of water with the rest of the Earth and its relation to life on Earth, and as such it includes both the hydrological cycle and water resources.

Translation of Hydro-Hydraulic Documents Quickly, Accurately

Hydroelectricity is a source of electricity derived from water energy. Most hydroelectric power comes from the potential energy of water stored in dams that spin a water turbine and generator. In addition, less well known is that hydroelectricity uses the kinetic energy of water or water sources that are not stored by dams such as tidal energy. Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source.

Hydroelectricity has long played an important role, an indispensable part of people's lives, in the development of the socio-economic development of Vietnam and other countries around the world.

Every day, people give birth to hundreds of thousands of projects, research works mean that every day we discover countless changes of the earth, of nature ... as well as the impact its to human life.

Therefore, updating the latest and fastest information for research and work is indispensable for professors, PhDs, engineers, etc. or companies working in the field of hydroelectricity. - hydrological.

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Hydro-hydrological documents may include:

- Research documents, analysis and assessment of weather, climate, water flow...

– Construction documents, drawings, designs of hydroelectric projects by domestic and foreign engineers.

- Documentation of geology, hydrology, monitoring and operation of hydroelectric reservoirs.

- Research papers on geology.

- The results of research and forecast projects on hydroelectricity - hydrology at home and abroad.

- Lectures and textbooks for teaching and learning.

Translating hydro-hydrological documents is not only a normal language conversion process, but also a process of document research and extensive reading by users so that the translation can accurately convey the content. Use specialized terms that are easy to read and understand.

With more than 6 years of experience in the field of translation, our team of translators have accumulated valuable experiences after each translation project is completed. We are confident that we can send our customers the most professional - fast - accurate translations as required.

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