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Subtitles in Vietnamese, English, French... help viewers around the world understand the content and ideas that the Videos and Clips want to convey. You need to make a subtitle translation video, so please contact us now Idichthuat supplying Translation of news videos and specialized documents High quality 24/7.

What is video translation service?

The increasing demand for entertainment leads to the growth and development of film activities, music videos, reality shows, etc. to many different audiences and more countries. With the purpose of attracting a large audience from foreign audiences, as well as meeting the needs of watching movies and videos in your country, video translation appears and is very necessary.

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What is Video Translation?

Simply put, video translation is the process of converting the content of a video from the original language to the target language using translation techniques and tools. This process includes converting audio and video images, subtitles or dubbing to help viewers understand the target language of the video.

Video translation is commonly used in fields such as business, education, entertainment, and advertising to convey content to audiences around the world. This is an important tool to help connect different languages ​​and cultures for the purpose of communication and brand promotion of businesses.

Besides, video translation also gives viewers the opportunity to learn about the many beauties of different cultures around the world, meeting the needs of buying and selling or marketing products. All for a common purpose of enhancing the value of human life in the 4.0 technology era.

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Is video translation difficult?

The field of video translation also has certain conventions, ensuring you can translate videos smoothly. Thus, video translation services require translators to have the ability to read and understand a rich vocabulary to express fluently. Even if you have good foreign language skills, poor Vietnamese skills are not suitable for video translation. Video translation is not too strict in terms of absolute accuracy compared to the original because many times it will cause lack of continuity, confusion and make the viewer feel ambiguous. Therefore, the translator needs to grasp the meaning and nuance of the dialogue and use the right words to convey.

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Be careful when translating news videos and specialized documents accurately

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Idichthuat Providing professional movie and video clip translation services

With the market demand for video translation services, there have been many units providing this type of translation. However, not every place is a reputable and trustworthy place for you to choose. Do you want to cooperate with one? Professional video translation unit To process videos and clips as desired, please contact us immediately Idichthuat to experience the quality of service we bring.

Gathering a team of experienced translators with expertise in many fields, we always have professional video translation service translators who are professionally trained and understand languages, life, and people. of many different countries. They are people with a professional working style that brings the highest quality translations.

Idichthuat Get news video translation, specialized documents, video translation - movie translation, insert subtitles at a reasonable price, guaranteed quality in a quick time. Video translation is one of our top strengths. In addition to document translation, providing notarized translation and interpretation services, film translation - inserting subtitles for foreign films is a carefully developed and invested area. With the current development of IT and communications, creating documentary films and product introduction videos is necessary and important.

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Video translation service at Idichthuat has the following advantages:

  • Best cost savings for customers
  • Translation costs are always competitive.
  • Diverse translation fields.
  • Provides translation of translation languages
  • Professional, dedicated customer care
  • Customer support anytime, anywhere 24/7

Commitment to translation services related to news videos - specialized documents as follows:

  • Translate videos from languages ​​into Vietnamese and vice versa
  • Make multilingual subtitles for videos - clips
  • Transcribe - translate and listen to videos
  • Create professional Transcript

With information to help you better understand the service video translation and choose for yourself a reputable and quality translation address today. If you have any related questions, please contact even Idichthuat for advice and answers to customer questions.

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