Translation services specialized in technology

Our deep understanding of each step of the software engineering process enables our customers to deploy their products in the global market with greater speed and quality.

We have developed a set of software tools and processes to localize a wide variety of applications such as operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), firmware, CRM applications, ERP systems, databases, etc. databases, websites and mobile applications.

Our localization best practices are backed up by years of experience in the translation industry. We have both processes and quality standards in place to ensure the most accurate translation results for every project.

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Agile development responds to just-in-time translation

The software industry is increasingly agile, using an iterative and incremental approach to application development. As such, frequent updates are inevitable, leading to the need for constant, fragmented translation. The just-in-time translation (JIT) model of Idichthuat Perfectly caters to these ongoing translation needs, allowing developers more time to focus on their software and still gain an edge over time.

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Expertise in Technology

Idichthuat supported by a global network of professional translators and software and information technology specialists. Furthermore with over a decade of experience in software translation and localization, our current clients include some of the biggest players in IT, software engineering, computer hardware, information technology, mobility and data storage.

Programming software System software Application software Virtual software Computer-aided Design Data entry Planning Software management Software management Billing software Billing software Security software Mechanical software database Database software

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Software localization

Idichthuat provides comprehensive technical and translation solutions for software localization. We have one of the largest localization engineering teams in the industry for pre- and post-translation, programming, coding (Unicode, two-byte, multi-byte), software testing, and debugging.

Check localization

The purpose of localization testing is to ensure that the quality of the localized application matches the quality of the source product. The localized test environment is the software installed in the operating system of the target languages.

Cosmetic testing

For software localization, cosmetic testing is an essential step to ensure localization is free of garbled, skewed, and other layout issues. In addition to using one of the largest localization testing teams in the industry to efficiently perform cosmetic testing, we developed a framework for automated test case execution.

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User interface

Using Steps to localize both the software user interface and the user manual ensures that the same linguist is working on all components of a particular project, ensuring consistency translation and reduce costs.

Language test

Language testing is the process of systematically verifying the translation strings on each software screen to ensure correct translation. Idichthuat only use professional local translators with expertise in language testing and verification.

24/7 customer service

We understand quality translation often requires personalized and timely customer service. Our dedicated customer support team stands by to ensure a satisfying customer experience every time.

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