Technology is developing rapidly. This is a field that is mostly written in foreign languages, so the need for technical translation is very necessary. Understanding that, the translation company Idichthuat We would like to introduce to you Translation services specialized in technology Professional reputation with the cheapest price on the market today.

Technical Translations
Technology specialization.

Today's Demand for Specialized Technology Translation

Technology is a rapidly changing and evolving industry. To be able to keep up with that change and development requires professionals to regularly update new knowledge, be it software, hardware, web design, network security, mobile applications, technology research, game consoles... Most of that knowledge comes from abroad, so it's very important to translate all of them.

Due to the rapid growth of the industry, the demand for technology translation service has recently skyrocketed.

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Difficulties When Self-Translating Technology Majors

Technical Translations
Technical translation steps.

Technology is one of those specialties that is difficult to translate on your own. The documents on technology are mainly foreign. And most of the documents related to this major contain a lot of academic and scientific terms with high difficulty. Translators need specialized knowledge to be able to understand the contents in order to produce the best quality translation.

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Self-translating technology is really difficult if you only understand the language without understanding the specialized knowledge. Without the most accurate translation, the information format and meaning of the original cannot be preserved.

Why You Should Choose Technical Translation Services at Idichthuat?

Translation services specialized in technology
Idichthuat provide technology translation services.

More and more translation companies offer Translation services specialized in technology. So why should you choose us – Idichthuat?

  • We are proud to be a unit of Top 10 translation companies leading in Vietnam with a team of translators who are specialized in translation, have a lot of experience, ensure the accuracy and quality of technical translations.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support and respond within 5 minutes.
  • Service fees are always public, transparent, committed to the value that customers receive and do not incur additional fees.
  • We use leading professional translation tools such as SDL Trados, Word Fast, MemoQ for fast, accurate translation and the best translation quality.

Specialized Technology Translation Services at Idichthuat

Specialization in Information Technology Translation
Translation services in Idichthuat.

Idichthuat provided Translation services technical documents in various languages ​​such as Vietnamese – English – Chinese – Japanese – Korean – French – German – Russian...

Our technical translation documents include:

  • Translation of documents on Software Engineering
  • Translation of documents on Computer Network and Communication
  • Translation of documents on Management Information System
  • Translation of documents on Applied Informatics.
  • Translation of documents on Computer Science.
  • Translation of documents on Computer Engineering.
  • Translation of documents on Informatics Pedagogy.
  • Translation of documents on Multimedia Technology.
  • Translation of documents on information security - network security.
  • Translation of documents on Automation, Robot.
  • Database document translation.
  • Translation of documents about books, newspapers and magazines specialized in technology.
  • Translation of documents on the User's Manual.
  • Translation of game documents, mobile games,
  • And many other translation documents related to technology majors at the request of customers.
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Commitments When Using Technical Translation Services At Idichthuat: 

  • Commitment to strictly comply with the signed contract, ready to take full responsibility before the law if there is any violation.
  • Commitment to absolute confidentiality of customer information and confidentiality of all information related to the translation, not kept, not disclosed to third parties.
  • We refund 100% if the translation is not satisfactory as in the contract.

Technical Translations

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If you are in need specialized translation technology Then contact us immediately – Idichthuat via Hanoi hotline 0384.358.287, Hotline HCM & Da Nang 0866.682.329 for a free consultation on all information related to the service. Our company specializes in providing translation services for all languages ​​in the world in a professional and reputable manner.

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