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Specialized translation – where we not only provide professional services but also focus specifically on the technology sector. If you are looking for precision and a deep understanding of technical language, explore our technology-based translation solutions now. Let Idichthuat helps you understand and get quote the most accurate technology specialized translation services.

Translation services specialized in information technology at Idichthuat

Translation services specialized in information technology in Idichthuat Placing ourselves in a leading position in the field of notarized translation. With a team of professional, experienced staff and hundreds of collaborators distributed nationwide, we are committed to providing accurate translations and maximum satisfaction of customer needs.

specialized translation technology
Technical translation

In particular, in the field of information technology, one of the strongly growing industries in Vietnam. We place high demands on in-depth understanding of this field. Our team of translators not only has in-depth knowledge but also understands the practicality and practical application.

This field poses great challenges in terms of knowledge and requires absolute accuracy, because the translation is of poor quality. Can seriously affect the entire system and create unpredictable consequences.

Not limited to translating information technology documents, we promote accuracy in all fields. Because each term and number needs to be expressed as accurately as possible to avoid any possible errors.

Why should you choose specialized translation services at Idichthuat?

At Idichthuat, there are some outstanding reasons why you should choose our specialized translation service:

1 Multi-field technology

Translating specialized documents such as Math and Information textbooks, operating system data structures and algorithms, programming languages, books and newspapers, Office informatics, international software, localization of foreign games, manuals Instructions on computer networks, web design, theses, projects, information technology research and many other fields.

Technology specialized translation service prices
What should technology specialized translations keep in mind?

2 Team of quality experts

Professional and experienced staff in the field of information technology, always updating new knowledge and terminology. We provide training from leading Vietnamese and international universities, ensuring accurate translation quality and meeting practical needs.

3 Absolute security

All document information is stored and absolutely secured by a smart system. We are committed to providing the most detailed information on time, quantity, and information translator, and project completion time. Strict processes and professional staff ensure absolute safety for your documents.

4 Accurate time, reasonable cost

Committed to project completion time, we ensure you receive the project on time, saving time and increasing work efficiency. Preferential prices suitable for many customers, bringing satisfaction and best value to you.

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Quote for specialized technology translation services

The most common method today to calculate translation prices is based on the number of words in the text. However, you also need to consider and add the lowest fee to ensure flexibility. For example, a fee may apply 90 VND/word, with fees as low as 50,000 copper. (You can adjust the lowest fee depending on the specific requirements of the project). This approach provides accountability for workload and helps avoid getting stuck with projects that are too small.

Prestigious technology translation company
Prices for translation services specialized in precision technology

This method is often used to calculate prices for translations of documents such as reports, contracts, articles, or instructions. The number of words in these types of texts can usually be counted easily. For Word files, just check “word count” in the bottom left corner of the screen, and also count the number of words in text boxes, comments, or notes – these words are not counted in the “ word count”. For Word files converted to PDF format, converting back to Word and calculating in the above way is feasible.

Below is the information Idichthuat want to share with you about Translation services specialized in technology. To receive a quote for your project or materials, please contact directly via Hotline or send a message directly on our website. You will receive a detailed and competitive quote in the market, helping you better understand the costs and benefits we bring to your project.

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