Notarized translation

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What is Notarized Translation?

Notarized translation is the process of converting a text or document from its source language (e.g. English) into a target language (e.g. Vietnamese) and then notarized to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal regulations. the law. In fact, the notarization of translation is the confirmation of the signature of the translator of the document by a notary at the Notary Office or official. judicial at the Justice Department.

Can Notarized Translation Do It Yourself?

It is possible to self-translate documents but cannot self-notarize translated documents at private and judicial notarization units, according to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 61. Notarization Law 2014.

To be notarized, the translation must be done by translation companies or translation collaborators affiliated with notary agencies. Translation companies often register the signature of the translator at the notary public.

Therefore, if you translate documents yourself, you cannot notarize them yourself at notarization units such as private notary offices or notary offices under the Departments of Justice of the districts.

Where is Notarized Translation?

1/ Translation company Translation specialists can provide both judicial and private notarization services to certify translations.

2/ The private notary office specializes in private notarization, uses associated collaborators to assist with translation, and does not perform the function of judicial notarization.

3/ The Notary Office (under the district's judicial departments) is a state agency specializing in judicial notarization. The translation function is performed by associated collaborators.