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In the Vietnamese market, the need for film and video translation and subtitle insertion is increasing. Domestic and foreign companies, organizations, and individuals are all looking for a reputable, professional translation partner that meets the requirements for quality, time, and diversity of services. With the development of subtitle and translation technology, many translation companies have upgraded their capabilities, offering fast, accurate and continuous 24/7 movie and video translation and subtitle insertion services.

Dr. Jean-Claude Nerrière (Director of Machine Translation Research Center - Geneva University): "According to estimates, the global translation industry is worth about 46 billion USD in 2020, expected to reach 56 billion USD in 2023.

In that context, finding a reputable and professional film and video translation and subtitle insertion partner becomes extremely important. A team of experienced translators with a deep understanding of culture, language, as well as subtitle insertion techniques will ensure optimal translation quality, helping to convey the true spirit and emotions of the original work. . Besides, the ability to provide continuous service 24/7 will help projects be completed quickly, promptly meeting customer needs.

Movie and video translation prices, subtitle insertion
Translating movies and videos - inserting reputable Sub subtitles 24/7


Film - Subtitle - Video Clip Translation Services

Professional - Accurate - Quick - Cheap

Are these the problems you need to encounter?

+ You find the Video Clip material good but unfortunately it doesn't have subtitles, captions included to be able to fully understand!

+ There are lots of great tutorial and training recording files serving for your learning process and you need to exactly understand them all!

+ Translation takes a lot of your time and effort!

And you worry!

+ Do I really understand the material presented correctly?

+ I want to focus my time and efforts on my right specialty.

+ The current translation price is too high!

Film, subtitle or video clip translation is an appropriate translation field Suitability, so in addition to the accurate factor, the translator must also convey the content appropriate to the audience. was born to solve your problems, questions and concerns

We specialize in movie, subtitle, video clip translation for individuals & organizations with guaranteed quality and super competitive price.

Standard translator at Idichthuat:

Academic level

- Bachelor

- Masters

- Doctor

Specialized  – Business Administration

- Commerce

- Biotechnology

- Information Technology

- …….

Graduation from School  – International University (VNU HCMC)

- University of Science and Technology (VNU HCMC)

– University of Economics and Law (VNU HCMC)

– Saigon University

 – University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City

- University of Technology and Education

– Can Tho University

- Vietnam RMIT University

English Degree  - IELTS ≥ 7.0

- TOEFL IBT ≥ 79

- National Degree type C

- TOEIC ≥ 850

 - English Specialization

- English Academic

– English for Study Abroad and Settlement

- Reference to English Speaking Club

Practical experience  - More than 4 years working and translating difficult documents

- Having scientific reports published in international journals

- Be working at foreign companies or large state agencies

– Have experience of living, studying, educating and working abroad


With more than 4 years of experience in working and translating, make movie subtitles (without dub) we will commit The video clip subtitle translation is one of the products with the correct content, grammar and spelling standards; easy to understand, easy to read.

idichthuat .com specializes in receiving the following projects:

"Only receive projects ensuring 100% quality"

1 - Translating Video Clip subtitles, instructional and training audio files.

2 - Introductory movies, advertisement attractions and tourist sites Translation.

3 - Translation of Content presentation for presentations, courses, eminars.

4 - Translation Movies of all genres (Action movies, romance movies, odd movies, documentaries, historical films, theater movies, new movies, funny children's films, etc., with and without subtitles).

Price of movie translation companies, cheap and best subtitles for video clips, subtitles

Price of movie translation companies, cheap and best subtitles for video clips, subtitles

Only one single price: VND 35.000/min.

Additional requirements:

+ Requires a video file to translate properly.

+ Charge for sync subtitles (if any): VND 5000/min.

+ Especially: 5-10% off for students; bulk documents.

+ Above price excluding VAT (10%) if you get an invoice.

We are honored to serve you

We guarantee quality, time and absolute customer satisfaction.

The most professional - quickest - cheapest translation service of Film - Subtitle - Video Clip.

See more information about movie translation service at our company

Idichthuat proud to be Top quality, reputable and professional video clip subtitle and video translation unit. Film translation and interpretation contracts Idichthuat has been highly appreciated by many customers as well as the public who love this art form, and this is also the motivation that we foster for translators to translate movies with complete and accurate subtitles. best.

Some notes on translating movie and video subtitles

The film industry is growing extremely strongly globally. According to statistics from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), global box office revenue in 2019 reached 42,2 billion USD, an increase of 1% compared to 2018. Trends in buying and selling film rights and distribution abroad is increasingly popular to meet the diverse entertainment needs of international audiences.

However, the language barrier is still a big challenge in conveying the film's content and message to the audience. Therefore, translating film and video subtitles plays a key role in connecting works with the global public. Subtitles help viewers understand dialogue, grasp the plot and fully enjoy the movie.

Note when translating movies, YouTube videos, inserting Sub subtitles

Movie and YouTube video translation service - reputable subtitle insertion 24/7?

At Company Idichthuat, each service and each step in the process are strictly controlled by our staff. Team subtitle translation and youtube video translation They are experienced and dedicated to their work, serious about every scene, every subtitle and every dialogue of the characters.

Our team of translators and interpreters has extensive experience handling videos, product advertising clips, course videos, business introductions, TV shows in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many other languages, with inspirational reading voice. Please call us immediately for advice and to receive a quote from a consultant.

You can completely rest assured using our multilingual, multi-field video translation service, movie subtitles, and clips without any limitations, from popular languages ​​such as English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Korean and some other rare languages ​​such as Latin, Dutch, Turkish, Italian....

Movie and YouTube video translation services - inserting subtitles quickly and cheaply

Why should you choose? Idichthuat To translate YouTube videos - insert subtitles?

Translation department of Idichthuat has many years of experience processing videos, product advertising clips, business introductions, course videos, TV shows in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and several other popular languages, with an inspiring voice. Call us now to receive a free quote from a consultant.

  • Human translators, not machine translators

We receive the most accurate translations at competitive costs and professional services. Use native translators who have 5 years of experience or more and are responsible in their work.

  • Absolute security

Idichthuat Ensure that your documents will be processed and deleted from devices by company staff immediately after your acceptance.

  • 24/7 customer support

Our attentive and dedicated customer care team will support you whenever you need it, including holidays and weekends.

  • Commitment to quality

When you put your trust in us, you will receive accurate and reliable language service.

  • 100% satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, customer happiness and satisfaction is our goal.

  • Affordability

Idichthuat There are always many incentive programs and promotions to help customers save costs in the best way.

Movie translation process - professional video clip subtitles

Standard procedure at Idichthuat will go through 7 steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Receiving and analyzing film genres
  • Step 2: Choose a suitable specialized translator
  • Step 3: Subtitle translation and editing
  • Step 4: Editing and proofreading translations
  • Step 5: Insert subtitles into videos/movies
  • Step 6: Send demo to customers for feedback
  • Step 7: Edit according to comments and hand over the product

To ensure translation quality, some important factors should be kept in mind:

  • Accuracy: The translation must be honest and not distort the original content. It is necessary to use appropriate specialized terminology.
  • Naturalness: Dialogue must be smooth and natural like everyday spoken language. Avoid machine translation and word-for-word translation.
  • Limitations: Subtitles must be concise due to space and display time limitations. Usually kept to a maximum length of 2 lines, 35-45 characters per line.
  • Format: Need to comply with regulations on font, font size, position, and display time to create the best viewing experience.

Questions related to the topic of film and video translation and subtitle insertion

1. What is the current market size of film translation and subtitles in Vietnam?

There are currently no accurate statistics on the size of the film translation and subtitles market in Vietnam. However, with the increase in demand for watching foreign films, expanding international cooperation in the field of cinema and the trend of online learning, it can be seen that this is a potential market with much room for growth. develop in the future.

2. Idichthuat What types of films do you have experience handling?

Translation team at Idichthuat has extensive experience in handling a variety of film genres such as:

  • Feature films: action, romance, comedy, horror, science fiction,...
  • Documentary
  • Cartoon
  • TV shows, talk shows
  • Promotional videos, product introductions
  • Training videos, online courses
  • Vlogs, YouTube videos and social networks

For more details, read the shared article now Professional film translation process most today.

3. Idichthuat What languages ​​can subtitles be translated into?

We provide subtitle translation services for more than 50 popular languages ​​around the world, including:

  • English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Lao, Cambodian, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog
  • Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish,…

4. How long does it take to complete a typical subtitle translation project?

The time to complete a subtitle translation project depends on video length, content complexity, language, and specific customer requirements. Normally:

  • Video under 5 minutes: 1-2 days
  • Video 5-30 minutes: 3-5 days
  • Video 30-60 minutes: 5-7 days
  • Long series: 7-10 days/episode

In case of emergency, we will arrange personnel to meet your deadline. Additionally, you can refer to these Video clip and movie subtitle translation tool The best today are shared on the website.

5. Idichthuat What is the information security policy like?

We sign strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with our customers. All original files and translations are encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized people. Our commitment:

  • Do not copy or store any customer documents
  • Delete all files and related data after handover
  • Do not disclose project information to any third party

6. How to ensure the quality of subtitle translation?

To ensure the best quality, we apply a strict testing process with the participation of 3 experts:

  • Translators translate subtitles
  • The editor edits and compares with the original
  • The moderator gives an overall assessment before delivering to the customer

In addition, customers can request a trial translation to check the translator's ability.

7. Idichthuat Is there a warranty or correction policy for subtitle translations?

Idichthuat Committed to quality and responsible for our products. We are ready to edit and add subtitle content according to the customer's reasonable requests within 05 days from handover. After the warranty period, any modifications will be charged according to the agreement of both parties.

8. Idichthuat Do you accept urgent translations or translations on holidays or weekends?

We are committed to serving you 24/7, including holidays and weekends. For urgent projects that need to be completed within the same day, we will arrange appropriate personnel and charge overtime service fees at the following rates:

  • Outside office hours, after 18pm daily: + 25%
  • Saturday, Sunday: + 7%
  • Holidays, Tet: + 100%

The above surcharge applies to both translation and subtitle insertion services.

At Idichthuat Company Each step in the process is carefully and strictly controlled. The team of YouTube video translators and movie subtitlers are people who are responsible for their work and work seriously with each footage, each dialogue, and each character's subtitle line.

The entire process is translated and proofread by native speakers who are qualified and responsible in their work. Please call us for advice and quotes as soon as possible.

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