Translation of movie subtitles, company video clips video IDICHTHUAT is the best choice for every customer.

IDICHTHUAT is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of film translation - video clip subtitles with multi-language, multi-industry and multi-field. Each year IDICHTHUAT has cooperated with many customers to create the most perfect products, the best service attitude.

Film - Subtitle - Video Clip Translation Services

Professional - Accurate - Quick - Cheap

Movie Translation Service – Subtitles - Video Clip

Are these the problems you need to encounter?

+ You find the Video Clip material good but unfortunately it doesn't have subtitles, captions included to be able to fully understand!

+ There are lots of great tutorial and training recording files serving for your learning process and you need to exactly understand them all!

+ Translation takes a lot of your time and effort!

And you worry!

+ Do I really understand the material presented correctly?

+ I want to focus my time and efforts on my right specialty.

+ The current translation price is too high!

Film, subtitle or video clip translation is an appropriate translation field Suitability, so in addition to the accurate factor, the translator must also convey the content appropriate to the audience. was born to solve your problems, questions and concerns

We specialize in movie, subtitle, video clip translation for individuals & organizations with guaranteed quality and super competitive price.

Standard translator at IDICHTHUAT

Academic level

- Bachelor

- Masters

- Doctor

Specialized  – Business Administration

- Commerce

- Biotechnology

- Information Technology

- …….

Graduation from School  – International University (VNU HCMC)

- University of Science and Technology (VNU HCMC)

– University of Economics and Law (VNU HCMC)

– Saigon University

 – University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City

- University of Technology and Education

– Can Tho University

- Vietnam RMIT University

English Degree  - IELTS ≥ 7.0

- TOEFL IBT ≥ 79

- National Degree type C

- TOEIC ≥ 850

 - English Specialization

- English Academic

– English for Study Abroad and Settlement

- Reference to English Speaking Club

Practical experience  - More than 4 years working and translating difficult documents

- Having scientific reports published in international journals

- Be working at foreign companies or large state agencies

– Have experience of living, studying, educating and working abroad


With more than 4 years of experience in working and translating, make movie subtitles (without dub) we will commit The video clip subtitle translation is one of the products with the correct content, grammar and spelling standards; easy to understand, easy to read.

idichthuat .com specializes in receiving the following projects:

"Only receive projects ensuring 100% quality"

1 - Translating Video Clip subtitles, instructional and training audio files.

2 - Introductory movies, advertisement attractions and tourist sites Translation.

3 - Translation of Content presentation for presentations, courses, eminars.

4 - Translation Movies of all genres (Action movies, romance movies, odd movies, documentaries, historical films, theater movies, new movies, funny children's films, etc., with and without subtitles).

Price of movie translation companies, cheap and best subtitles for video clips, subtitles

Price of movie translation companies, cheap and best subtitles for video clips, subtitles

Only one single price: VND 35.000/min.

Additional requirements:

+ Requires a video file to translate properly.

+ Charge for sync subtitles (if any): VND 5000/min.

+ Especially: 5-10% off for students; bulk documents.

+ Above price excluding VAT (10%) if you get an invoice.

We are honored to serve you

We guarantee quality, time and absolute customer satisfaction.

The most professional - quickest - cheapest translation service of Film - Subtitle - Video Clip.

See more information about movie translation service at our company

IDICHTHUAT proud to be Top quality, reputable and professional video clip subtitle and video translation unit. Film translation and interpretation contracts IDICHTHUAT has been highly appreciated by many customers as well as the public who love this art form, and this is also the motivation that we foster for translators to translate movies with complete and accurate subtitles. best.

Movie Translation – Translate Movies as Subtitles

A movie will fall in any of the following genres: Feature films, documentaries, television, science films, history, cartoons... Film translation is a specific field of translation that both expresses the art and science as well as the requirements of each public audience that the film genres are aiming for, so in addition to the accuracy factor, the translator must also convey content in the right field (scientific, historical…) and must convey these contents in an inspiring, humane and artistic way. Therefore, translating movies is never a simple job that always needs experienced interpreters.

Many films with all topics referring to all areas of political, cultural - social, economic, scientific and technical life and information technology have been produced by domestic companies but have not yet been released. really meet the needs of entertainment, enjoyment as well as information needs of the public.

Therefore, foreign film sources are imported into Vietnam more and more and occupy a large volume in the current film market in all genres. Accordingly, the need to translate movies with subtitles must also be met with the corresponding imported film.

Grasp that need IDICHTHUAT always promote its strengths as a professional translation unit that always recruits, trains and fosters team of translators and interpreters to meet the film translation needs of many units such as: Vietnam Feature Film Studio, TW Documentary Film Studio, television stations throughout the country... and private firms. Currently, private film studios in Vietnam have become production and import units with increasing actual revenue, this is a "fatty" market that has never cooled down. They are even more "profitable" than state-owned studios. Their imports of films as well as translations into other languages ​​are also more diverse and rich, and those good translations will be provided when using our translation service.

IDICHTHUAT has made contracts to translate movies, make with subtitles for video clips for many customers in large quantities to ensure quality and translation time. Having a good translation will make dubbing easier or having a good subtitle makes it easier for viewers to understand the content.

With a team of experts including technicians, project management translators and translation experts with industry experience along with a professional quality management process, IDICHTHUAT has successfully handled many localization projects for many domestic and foreign agencies, companies and organizations such as Ford Vietnam, Yamaha, Honda, Brainworks, Panasonic, General Department of Vietnam Customs, Habubank, Ministry of Finance, Hanoi Petroleum Finance Company, Vietnam Intellectual Culture Publishing House, Trade Promotion Department , FPT Online, Sofitel Plaza, Sheraton Hotel, CMC Technology Group, Dong A Securities Co., Ltd., Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security... It is a testament to our success and the measure of the quality of service we provide is not fiction. This also means that we can be a subtitle translation unit for a movie with a complete translation language that customers can rest assured to find, helping to dub or subtitles more effectively.

Movie Translation - Translating Movies as Subtitles

Currently the translation company IDICHTHUAT receive a lot of audio and image files, video clips with many different formats that require language translation (English, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, ...). The type of translation and transcription of movie content that we regularly deploy such as feature films, TV series, reportage, animal world movies, product introduction clips, promotional video clips, marketing, radio interviews...

Our regular customers are Vietnam Television Advertising and Services Center, VTV6 Vietnam Television, VTC Digital Television and some film crews, other private studios...

The process of translating movies and transcribing the content of translated films requires the use of professional translators and takes more time than normal written translation. For languages ​​like: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Chinese… We only use translators who are native speakers, work responsibly and with passion to create a recording product with absolutely accurate content and this is one of the strengths of the translation company. we. After having a translation record, it will continue to translate into the language that you request to translate.

Film translation process – professional video clip supplement

Standard procedure at IDICHTHUAT will go through 7 steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Receiving and analyzing film genres
  • Step 2: Select and transfer to translators and interpreters who specialize in this genre to receive projects to increase the efficiency and productivity of translation.
  • Step 3: Translating movies and video clips
  • Step 4: Editing and editing translations
  • Step 5: Insert translation into video clips, movies as subtitles or voiceovers
  • Step 6: Send to customers a demo for evaluation and editing suggestions
  • Step 7: Project manager makes adjustments according to customer's comments and delivers the product

Professional Audio Duplication Service

Audio transcription is the process of converting speech into written text. Audio transcription is not an easy task because many factors directly affect and challenge the listening process. In today's article, we will learn what difficult sound files are and how to make them.

When an audio file is considered difficult?

An audio file with characteristics that make it difficult for an interpreter to correctly display the content it carries is called a difficult audio file. Possible characteristics include background noise, static on recordings, voice overlap, blurry recordings, unclear accents, very fast speech, etc. This also means that the transcription process takes a ton. double or more time to show them.

How to handle an audio transcription project with challenging audio files?

First of all, make sure you are using a good quality headset or headphones as it gives you a better sound from what is said from the audio and helps to improve the quality of the transcription.

Next, try changing the recording speed like slowing down or speeding up to see if you can hear the word and capture the idea better. However, crazy, this will slow down the audio, in fact, making it harder for you to hear the speakers because it sounds like it's being slowed down.

You can also rely on software to remove background noise from source audio files. Express Scribe is software often recommended for people doing transcription work. You may need to click the background noise reduction option several times, but it helps.

Words that are difficult to hear, don't guess

For words that are mispronounced or inaudible due to poor recording, try to understand what is said based on context but just guess. Instead, mention (inaudible) or (some words inaudible) or sometimes (incomprehensible) when you will hear sound but be able to speak.

Words that are difficult to hear, don't guess

Please inform your customers

If you try one way or another and still can't understand the recording, simply inform your customers of the problem and make sure they understand that the audio quality has a direct impact on the quality of the recording. write the. Let them know you can try to improve the sound and do your best to transcribe but it will take more time and cost and the final transcription may have a lot of gaps.

With years of experience in audio and video transcription, Idichthuat brings you fast and high-quality transcription service.

All details, problems related to translation services with cheap price and, quality you can contact us. Because not only have and are confident about movie translation services, subtitles, video clips but also confident about the services specialized translation in fields such as: translating legal documents, theses, essays, newspapers, diplomas... with many different languages ​​including: Vietnamese – English – Chinese – Japanese – Korean – French – German – Russian or languages ​​for which we have specialized collaborators such as Indonesian, Khmer, Laotian, Thai, Myanmar, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Malaysian.

Our translation company will give free advice on the services you need in the most dedicated way. If you see a good article about translation service, subtitle translation of a movie, video clip, please share it with more people, and don't forget to contribute comments about our translation service because that's a reason. do help IDICHTHUAT further development.


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