Price of reputable professional Chinese - Vietnamese translation services

China is the country with the largest population in the world. The strength of the Chinese is business, so they trade with many countries, especially Vietnam. More than 50% of Vietnam's international economic contracts are related to this country.

Therefore, to ensure business, long-term cooperation and avoid many risks, finding a service Chinese translation Professional reputation is a must.

China - a culturally diverse country with an extremely rich language

Common difficulties in self-translating Chinese

Self-translated Chinese – Vietnamese

According to the experience of observing that translators only grasp the basics of Chinese, they will encounter the following difficulties:

  • There are 10 dialects of Chinese used, besides, depending on the country using Chinese language, there are different cultures. Therefore, Chinese is considered a difficult language to translate.

Translating Vietnamese - Chinese is not easy

  • When translating Vietnamese into Chinese, it requires the translator to be knowledgeable about the culture and specialized words to be translated so as not to misinterpret the meaning and style.
  • In order to translate a text most accurately, the translator must have a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge in specialties such as: information technology, medicine, construction, commerce, tourism, foreign trade, law, education. Education, law, engineering, mathematics, biology, forestry and agriculture... Therefore, if the experience is not in-depth about the terms, it is easy to mistranslate or lose the value of the text.

Chinese - Vietnamese translation service

  • With professionalism and daily self-improvement, the translation staff always researches and learns from specialized books and magazines to be able to accurately and realistically translate the text to be translated.
  • The closed process from receipt of documents to handover is carefully reviewed.
  • Understand the context and grammar from which to standardize the content in accordance with the transactional style.

What are the advantages of Chinese - Vietnamese translation services?

Businesses that have a trade relationship with China when using Vietnamese - Chinese translation services will get the following benefits:

  • Quality assurance of work: With a team of experts with many years of experience in translation, we will ensure that your business has quality documents and contracts that meet the purpose.
  • Experienced staff, specialized in a field: When hiring a translation service, you will be provided with a staff specializing in Chinese studies to ensure that the translation language is accurate, with the right meaning and context. 

Professional staff creates the quality of the translation

  • Meet the requirements and development of the business: If only the company's internal staff is used to translate, when the company grows more with more jobs, it will be difficult for employees to handle. Therefore, the translation service will follow the business closely, providing enough staff to ensure the work is accurate and on time.
  • Ensure consistency: With a professional translation style, the enterprise's documents will ensure the right information, not go astray, and conform to the standards of a contract, business process, .. The way the document makes the cooperation of the two parties become inconsistent and lose trust.

What should I pay attention to when hiring Chinese - Vietnamese translation services?

In order to match the needs, ensure the quality on each document and contract, avoid many risks and bring success to the business, when hiring Vietnamese - Chinese translation services, it is necessary to note the following things: The following:

  • Need to find a translation company instead of a freelancer: In translation service at the company, there will be a team of experienced professionals with many stages such as reading, editing, translating and checking. Many people in a closed process will produce more quality products than one person in a traditional way.
  • Choosing the right specialized translation service: Finding the right translation company with the desired specialty will ensure the semantic and stylistic accuracy of that country.
  • The translation company must be reputable: Enterprises need to carefully study the information as well as related documents about the company and the feedback from previous customers to ensure the professionalism and accuracy that the translation company brings.

The Most Prestigious Chinese Translation Quotation Address

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Incentives and some commitments of translation services IDICHTHUAT.COM

  • We promise to refund 100% of the service fee if you are not satisfied with the service quality.
  • Fast, reputable, quality, delivered on time
  • Translation according to international standards
  • Keeping up with trends and context in each text
  • The cost is cheap from only 35.000/page and more preferential for partners with a large and regular number of articles.

With service sharing Vietnamese - Chinese translation Professional reputation above, hope to help businesses with experiences when looking for translation services that are suitable for the current situation of their business.

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