Introduce about idichthuat

Our mission is to help remove language barriers, bringing information easily between countries, organizations and individuals around the globe. Idichthuat is proud to be the leading online translation company providing translation services with the best product quality and the most suitable cost to customers.

With experienced staff, we provide professional, multi-disciplinary services, focusing on translation expertise.

Idichthuat receives specialized translation, including: Commercial business documents, Finance and accounting, Insurrance, Administrative and legal, Culture - Society - Religion, nutrition, Travel, Environment, Health, Education, Information Technology, Engineering, physics – atom, Dissertation, Book, Story, and some other specialties.

In addition, we also provide film subtitle translation (video/clip), document proofreading, content writing based on customer requirements.

About idichthuat

4 reasons for you to choose idichthuat as a long-term translation partner:

1- A team of professional and high-skilled translators in their speciality

Idichthuat means you enjoy the results of experienced linguists from universities specializing in translation and foreign languages. We only provide the best translation/writing solution, you can feel assured of the product quality, the speed of receipt, and believe in promoting a long-term partnership.

2- Convenience and quickness for customers:

With the policy of focusing on developing the market through online channels and linking with a system of specialized state agencies such as banks, post offices, etc. Idichthuat provides all the most convenient solutions to establish cooperative relationships with customers regardless of borders, thereby maximize time and cost of contact, transportation... of customers, and reduce service costs.

Just sitting at home, you can also enjoy our professional service without worrying about anything.

3- Internal working coordination process - quality control - comprehensive security:

Over 3 years of operational experience has helped idichthuat equip staff with a huge translation database and deep experiences to minimize project implementation time, manage quality and minimize errors.

Besides, we advocate to apply modern technical facilities and take advantages of the latest media, helping maintain a high level of service quality while saving costs. The online management mechanism is a closed process from receiving project, analyzing, implementing, editing and proofreading, inspecting, handing over results, receiving transfer payments, and implementing after-sales without arising any annoying procedures for customers.

About translation security:

  • Do not voluntarily contact directly or indirectly with any organizations or individuals related to translated documents.
  • Do not disclose any content in the translated document to any individual or organization.
  • Delete all contents of original documents and translations after handing over documents to Sales Department.
  • All information in the document during the translation process must be kept confidential, absolutely not provided to other organizations or individuals, the violating party will be fully responsible before the law under the signed contract.

4- Maximum customer support:

Customers can contact us at any time of the day via hotline. We have flexible mechanisms to handle urgent translation requests within a day, or in just a few hours. Idichthuat also receive free correction according to the customer's comments after receiving the translation.

5- Complete on time as commited

When receiving documents and contracts from customers, whether the projects are large or small projects, difficult or easy, technical methods, long experience in the industry and benefit guidelines of customers are our prosperity, so with the dedication in the career, we will try to complete the translation well as soon as possible, making the translation good, meaningful, accurate and useful, we always ensure the quality and on time signed on contract.

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