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E-commerce companies from around the world are facing a common challenge: to efficiently and seamlessly translate e-commerce content across all devices and channels. Old translation service is slow.

They are complex, expensive, and not flexible enough to meet your unique needs. On the other hand, machine translations (including the latest Neural MT) are fast but lack the linguistic quality to adapt to customers.

This is why Idichthuat is such a game changer for global e-commerce. Final; Fast and unique e-commerce language translations are more realistic and of higher quality than ever before.

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Enhance human translation with AI for e-commerce

Idichthuat enables global e-commerce companies to automate professional human translations using our agile and intelligent RESTful API for a seamless translation workflow.

Our e-commerce translation solutions are powered by the world's largest translation resources across all devices for the most dynamic e-commerce translations. Combined with our on-demand, 24/7, cloud-based translation ecosystem.

Steps changes the way e-commerce translations are done while creating unparalleled scalability and speed. Contact us today for a language automation solution that's completely designed to meet all of your ecommerce translation requirements for the highest quality.

E-commerce translation keeps a constant need for translation. Idichthuat is the undisputed leader in high-quality, continuous translation solutions for modern digital content.

No other translation company comes close Idichthuat in providing uninterrupted machine translation services for today's micro-content, while meeting our clients' budget requirements in an easy-to-use format.

The best e-commerce translation is a combination of machine and human solutions. Neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms have evolved to the point where it is possible to translate e-commerce content into major languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese, French, and German and achieve 80-90% human quality.

This is why Idichthuat developed advanced technology to take advantage of Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) in conjunction with our human linguists so we can deliver perfect language results at speed and scale close to MT performance. 

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E-commerce localization translation

The world's rapid digital transformation is here for the mobile revolution. Studies show that 70% of all digital content today is generated through mobile devices and 80% of all digital content is consumed on mobile devices.

For e-commerce sites, this means that most product descriptions and user reviews are created and read on mobile devices. Idichthuat is the undisputed leader in mobile translations. For large-scale e-commerce translations, desktop-only translation solutions are no longer sufficient to meet the requirements.

This is why all-in-one translation solutions Idichthuat is the best e-commerce translation platform with the ability to create mobile-specific content tailored to your specific needs.

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E-commerce product description

If your e-commerce product descriptions are in English only, then you will lose both website traffic and potential international customers. Users from China, France and Korea do not buy online from English-only websites. The good news is that there are many translation companies on the market ready to help. However, not all translation services are created equal.

The average e-commerce website receives more user-generated content than other forms of online business websites. User reviews and customer support questions are a big part of user-generated content and all need to be translated for e-commerce companies to create the best international customer experience.

Since many of these reviews are short text, the best solution is a quick translation solution that also supports mobile devices. Idichthuat there is a solution; provides real-time customer support and user review translations in minutes.

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OTA translation (Online travel agency)

Are you running a travel agency website to buy airline flights, hotels, car rentals, trains and bus services online? Then you've found the perfect language translation partner for all your ecommerce translation needs.

Idichthuat provides translation and localization for all software platforms, translates user documents and third-party product descriptions. We have both the language experience and the technology tools to ensure the smoothest e-commerce localization. Talk to us today for a custom translation solution that's perfectly designed to meet your language requirements.


Trade is the exchange of goods, goods, services, knowledge, money, etc. between two or more partners, and can receive some value in return (in money through prices) or in goods. other goods and services. In the current integration century, commercial organizations are no longer confined to geographical boundaries but are continuously expanding globally, targeting more and more new markets in nearly every country in the world.



Vietnam is on the momentum of strong international integration. After successfully participating in a series of international economic organizations in the world, the activities of import and export trading, currency exchange and foreign joint ventures are constantly developing.

Along with that, the rapid development of the trend of e-commerce industry thanks to the superiority of the Internet has created a new commercial economy full of opportunities for anyone. Of course, the two largest and most opportunistic markets are those who speak English (the most common language) and those who speak Chinese (the most widely spoken language).

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Therefore, in order to erase language differences, serve business activities, Specialized document translation Commercial documents are always the most focused translation service. Commercial translation services of idichthuat including all kinds of commercial documents, such as invoices, contracts, documents, business licenses, shipping records, customs records, import and export documents, etc. has a wide network covering major cities in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang,..; staff, CTV has many years of experience in translating specialized commercial documents, importing and exporting, as well as working in specialized positions in companies with international trade activities, exporting and importing. import. You can completely trust important documents and commercial contracts of companies and organizations in us.

Global commercial business document translation company

With the motto of operation is "Accurate – Secure – Fast – Economical" We are confident we can exceed your expectations.

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