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In recent years, Vietnam has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world to visit and relax. This number is expected to increase continuously in the following years, so this smokeless industry is receiving much attention and support from the government.


Visitors to Vietnam are almost impressed by the rich beauty of the fertile alluvial plains, by the majesty of the mountains, and by the natural caves created by Mother Nature. out thousands of years ago; captivated by the wildness of the unknown waters or simply attracted by the friendly and warm Vietnamese people themselves.

Besides, the demand for experiencing new lands and new people of Vietnamese has also increased, and the number of foreign tours is also increasing day by day. And it can be said that there is no industry where the problem of conveying language messages becomes as practical and vivid as the tourism industry. Promoting the image of the country and people of Vietnam, introducing monuments and scenic spots when bringing tourists to visit or learning about places and travel stories in the world seem to be Indispensable for you working in the field of tourism. It is not only a responsibility, a mission but also an honor to introduce, explain, and explain to visitors things that they have never known before coming to a certain tourist destination. .

Understanding the difficulty of that language barrier, Idichthuat We have worked hard every day to be able to bring the best quality translations to our customers.

Translation of prestigious tourism documents

Usually, translation documents for tourism do not only come from one language, but it can also come from many different language sources, creating a variety of information resources. Because of that fact, Idichthuat believes that we can send our customers the best quality translation documents.

With the advantage of being one of the oldest translation companies, Idichthuat has a team of translators, interpreters, domestic and foreign workers. All of them have been selected and have extensive experience in the field of translation. They all have good foreign language skills and are operating in different fields of the tourism industry: guides, journalists, restaurant and hotel managers, tour coordinators, etc. different types of languages ​​are implemented by us according to the motto Fast - Secure - Accurate - Professional - Cheapest Translation.

We can translate documents from the following sources:

  • Translation of newspapers and travel magazines in the world.
  • Translation of information from websites specializing in tourism.
  • Translation of tours, routes, information about scenic spots for international guides.
  • Translation of videos, documentaries…

Customers can contact us at any time of the day via hotline. We have flexible mechanisms to handle urgent translation requests within a day, or in just a few hours. Idichthuat also receive free correction according to the customer's comments after receiving the translation.

More Information and Reasons You Should Choose Translation Services for the Travel Industry

The tourism industry is showing an exponential increase with an increase in disposable income and spending. Due to the increasing technological development, tourist attractions have sprung up to serve the needs of customers.

Therefore, the need to translate travel documents has also become prominent. In IDICHTHUAT All travel documents are translated by expert translators specialized in tourism and hotel management. Through the use of advanced translation tools and an updated translation memory, we ensure that all travel content is translated without hassle or delay at an affordable and cost effective rate.

  • Translation of destination guide documents
  • Translation of tour guide documents
  • Translation of tour description
  • Tourist map translation
  • Travel website translation
  • Translation of tourism brochures
  • Hotel website translation
  • Newsletter translation
  • Translation of country description
  • Media advertising translation
  • Comprehensive translation for the tourism industry

The market for the tourism and hospitality industry is a large and globalized one. If you work in the hotel industry, you must develop a strategy that caters to an international tourist audience. A multilingual strategy to translate all travel-related content is a necessity for you to reach out to a growing number of foreign tourists.

Quality translation: Your travel documents are always translated according to ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards and follow our closed process with multi-language support.

Multi-format support: We translate a wide variety of formats (PDF, WORD, XML, XLIFF, PO, HTML, CSV) with quality translations at the forefront.

Integrating API in translation: To increase translation productivity, incorporating API in Trados into translation is one of many popular methods today.

Cost-effective solution: Taking advantage of translation advantages in the tourism industry, reasonable costs always satisfy customers while still having to meet translation quality.

Specialized Translation

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