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Are you working with foreign partners and have a need to translate bidding documents, construction documents? You need to find a professional translation company. Idichthuat is a supplier translation services of bidding documents, construction documents Best quality, reputation and cheapest price on the market today.

Translation of bidding documents, construction documents
Construction process.

Current Demand for Translation of Bidding Documents, Construction Documents

Currently, Vietnam is one of the countries with a rapidly developing economy. The demand for housing, land, construction works... of individuals, organizations and businesses is increasing day by day.

Especially with the trend of integration and development, more and more contractors are foreign partners investing in Vietnam... Therefore, the demand for translation of bidding documents and construction documents of many individuals and organizations is increasing. Today's entrepreneurship is also growing rapidly.

Tender document translation

Difficulties When Self-Translating Bid Documents, Construction Documents

Construction is one of the most difficult, arid and complex majors today. Bid documents are documents used to bid for projects and are usually projects in the construction sector.

Documents contained in bidding documents and construction documents often have a large level of information, many specialized terms, and especially contain many diagrams, models, drawings, etc., requiring the translator to have industry expertise. only construction can undertake this work.

The translation of bidding documents and construction documents is not just translation from one language to another, but requires the correct meaning and quality assurance.

Therefore, if you manually translate bid documents and construction projects without seeking professional translation services, it will be very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Not to mention the mistranslation will affect the quality of documents and bidding results.

Translation of bidding documents, construction documents
Construction vocabulary.

Why You Should Choose Translation of Bid Documents, Construction Documents at Idichthuat?

Currently, on the market there are many translation companies but Idichthuat confidently bring you the most satisfaction when using our services for the following 4 reasons:

1. Team of professional translators

Translation of bidding documents and construction documents requires accuracy and quality assurance when translating. Selection Idichthuat is that you have chosen a translation service provider with a team of professional translators, in the right specialty, to meet all requirements.

2. Professional translation tools

We use leading professional translation tools such as SDL Trados, Word Fast, MemoQ for fast, accurate translation and the best translation quality.

3. Maximum customer support

Consultant at Idichthuat ready to support and advise customers 24/7. In particular, we provide translation services according to the individual requirements of each customer.

4. Free Shipping

We offer free shipping within Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang on orders that meet our free shipping conditions. Idichthuat.

Translation service of bidding documents, construction documents
Construction drawings.


Translation Services of Bidding Documents, Construction Documents at Idichthuat

Idichthuat providing translation services for documents in bidding documents and construction documents such as:

  • Document consulting drawings for construction design, architectural specifications.
  • Translation of construction contracts, construction demolition contracts, construction supervision consultancy contracts, construction projects.
  • Document road repair, bridges, industrial parks, landscape design.
  • Documentation of survey reports, field analysis, land planning, work safety procedures at construction sites
  • Dossier of construction bidding packages
  • Documentation on materials used in construction, construction technology, construction methods.
  • Budgeting documents, invoices…
  • Construction regulations of Vietnam or of different countries, construction management documents.
  • Translation of videos, clips, slideshows related to the construction field for presentations, meetings...
  • Translation of civil construction, industrial construction
  • Translation of documents for participation in bidding and invitation to bid for projects related to domestic and foreign contractors, evaluation of experts.
  • Translation of publications for the construction industry.
  • Translation of real estate websites, promotional materials describing construction projects.

Commitments when using the translation service of bidding documents and construction documents at Idichthuat:

We are always committed to our customers to provide the highest quality translations, the most accurate translations, the most competitive prices, and the best customer service. KWhen using our services, customers can rest assured about the time to complete the translation because we are always committed to completing on time as agreed in the contract.

Commitment to translation confidentiality is our top priority to ensure the interests of our customers:

  • Commitment not to arbitrarily contact individuals and organizations related to translated documents.
  • Commitment to confidentiality of the content in the translated document, not disclosing it to any individual organization.
  • Commit to delete all original and translated document content after the transaction is completed.

Idichthuat Translation of bidding documents, construction documents

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If you are looking for a Prestigious construction and bidding documents translation company quality, please contact us immediately – IDICHTHUAT for a free consultation on all information related to the service.

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