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Today, with the development of the medical field of advanced countries in the world, the demand for medical examination and treatment in these countries is increasing.

However, if you want to get medical treatment in a foreign country, you must have a visa application as proof that you have the right to enter and exit the country and of course the Translation of medical records, drug records is very necessary.

What is a Case?

A medical record is a document, file, or "legal document" that a doctor records when admitting a patient to the hospital, recording personal information of the patient such as name, address, occupation, and development status. birth, progression, as well as the pathology and status of the primary diagnostic causes. In the medical record, the doctor will record the normal and abnormal symptoms when examining and treating the patient.

What is a medical record?
What is a medical record?

What is the Current Need for Translation of Medical Records, Drug Records?

Firstly, due to the increasing demand for medical examination and treatment abroad, therefore, if you want to go abroad for medical examination and treatment, it is imperative to apply for a visa in that country, which requires a medical record. The case must be converted into the international language or the language of the host country, so the need for translation of medical records and drug records is essential at the present time.

Secondly, patients want to enjoy professional services, modern facilities with the most advanced treatment methods, so the need for translation of medical records and drug records is inevitable.

What are the difficulties of Self-Translation?

The translation of medical records requires a lot of skills, translation methods and medical expertise in addition to language proficiency. Therefore, the problem of self-translation will cause some obstacles for the compiler such as:

First, because medical records and drug records use highly specialized words, translation causes certain difficulties, requiring the translator not only to be fluent in the language but also to be knowledgeable in some areas. specialties such as medicine, pharmacy, .. to create the correct translation with the content of the medical record.

Translation of medical records & drug records
Translation of medical records & drug records

Secondly, this is considered an extremely important document, so the quality of translation must reach absolute accuracy. However, because the self-translation problem has not been trained in the necessary skills and methods, it easily leads to errors and wrong content, affecting the patient's visit abroad.

Third, it takes a lot of time and effort, because the medical record uses very high specialized words, the translator has to search for documents and specialized vocabulary so that the translation quality reaches absolute level.

Why We Should Translate Medical Records, Drug Records At Idichthuat?

Professional translation team

We have a team of experienced translators, through rigorous selection and training of quality translators, fluent in more than 50 languages ​​and working professionally ready to meet all the needs of our customers. .

The best translation quality

One of the important factors is the quality, we are confident that the unit has the translation with absolute accuracy. With a team of highly qualified translators who practice translation methods and skills and understand the importance of this translation, Idichthuat provide customers with the best translation quality.

Time is quick

Besides the quality that makes the reputation of Idichthuat then the issue of time is also a top priority, your translation will be completed quickly, as committed, there will be no delays, affecting the interests of customers.

Reasonable translation costs

Reasonable cost but top quality translation that few translation companies can do, but Idichthuat it is possible.

Commitment to translation quality Idichthuat
Commitment to translation quality at Idichthuat

Medical Record Translation Services, Drug Records At Idichthuat

Idichthuat confident to be one of the leading translation service providers. The staff has many years of experience, highly specialized knowledge with fast translation time and low cost. We provide translation services for medical records, drug records such as:

Translation of medical records.

Translation of drug records.

Translation of drug user manuals.

Translation of clinical reports.

Translation of drug registration dossiers.

Translation of drug labels, drug packages.

Translation of reports of experts and doctors.

Translation of videos, clips of medical and medical references

Translation of prescriptions, test sheets, disease diagnoses, etc.

Commitments When Using Medical Record Translation Services, Drug Records At Idichthuat

First, Idichthuat provided Medical record translation service in 63 provinces and cities nationwide and abroad. We provide translation services closer to customers, helping them to use the service more conveniently, quickly and efficiently, reducing travel costs compared to the past.

Second, we understand the concerns of our customers, the first problem is translation quality. You can rest assured the quality of translation in Idichthuat always put on top, with a team of highly qualified translators, dedicated to the profession, trained in many methods, translation skills, make sure the translation achieves absolute accuracy and fast.

Third, the medical issue is something that should be kept secret, so let ensure patient privacy. We guarantee that Translation of medical records with high confidentiality, promises to bring satisfaction from customers, understand the common worries when customers use translation services but come to Idichthuat that worry will be eliminated.

Finally, we are confident that the translation unit can fully ensure both criteria is high quality and low cost, which few translation agencies can provide, but rest assured because we can and here provide quality translations with cheap price only from 35.000VND/page.

If you need Translation of medical records, drug records then please contact Idichthuat. We provide professional translation services, ensuring customer satisfaction with quality translations - high security - fast time - low cost.

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