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The education system of Vietnam as well as other countries in the world is divided into different levels for different subjects. In order to pass each level, students need to complete tests, reports, theses, projects, etc. to prove their ability and understanding after completing a course. some course.

Translation of Graduation Thesis Fast – Most Accurate

IN In some schools, theses are understood as major dissertations and essays. The thesis is a summarizing text in favor of researching something, quite specific. Or thesis is also a concept equivalent to a thesis in some schools, can also be considered as a topic, a research text on a certain topic and a certain structure. The thesis will be done at the end of the course to present the research results on the selected topic. After completing the defense, you will finish the course and graduate.

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There is also a thesis. Usually it takes very in-depth research on a particular topic. Especially, there must be new results, new discoveries (if the doctor is abroad), especially in Vietnam, it is not necessarily a new result.

Regardless of the form, these are the bases to help students systemize knowledge and skills, apply thinking abilities in problem-solving and problem-solving, develop realize his forte. For teachers and those in charge, this will be the basis for evaluating comments, giving timely advice, additions and suggestions to students.

Today, the economic integration with other countries is also a big turning point for education when the number of students studying abroad increases significantly, the exchange of international students between universities and colleges. … at home and abroad are done more often.

Not only that, going abroad to gain educational experience is also a new trend in recent years. Because of that, the need to translate documents for studying, researching, completing graduation theses, theses, theses... of students and teachers. is a pressing issue today.

Graduation thesis translation documents:

– Translation of theses, theses, projects, university graduation reports, masters, doctorates, major assignments, harvest papers, theses…

– Translation of references and related documents for graduation thesis work.

- Documents by topics from domestic and foreign sources.

– Analysis articles, reviews, thesis documents, reference projects of professors, doctors, domestic and foreign analytical commentators.

– Videos, clips of materials related to the topic of the thesis.

To meet that need, Idichthuat has always tried hard to create the best quality translations. We understand that translating educational documents, theses, and graduation theses requires strict professional requirements in terms of words and meanings, so that the translation has to be both polished in expression and at the same time good must represent the author's style properly.

With more than 6 years of experience in the field of translation, having completed hundreds of translation projects in this field, Idichthuat committed to bring customers the most complete translations with the most perfect service quality.

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