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Revealing the Most Effective Ways to Find and Keep Potential Customers

When you are active in translation industry, the best way is when you can find clients who will always have documents to translate for you, and even better if you keep them coming back to you for good translation quality. To help you find and retain your most valuable customers, we recommend these simple strategies:

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+ Prioritize delivery time – Always keep in mind that your clients also have deadlines. So in addition to delivering outstanding translation quality, you should also deliver on time.

+ Always available to customers – Make sure your contact information makes it easy for customers to contact, if they can contact you easily, they will come back soon with more projects. (For example, set up a signature under each of your emails with a phone number, email address, or even fax number.) Therefore, whenever a customer needs your help, they will know where and how to find you.

Follow instructions – You must be able to respond to customer instructions. Do exactly what they ask, even if you don't think it's absolutely necessary. Paying attention to details such as adding abbreviations to the beginning of the translated file name can save clients time and avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

+ Provide references – You should not worry too much about providing references to the guests of other translators who are collaborating with you. Instead, give whatever information is needed so that your client trusts you. In case you can't get the job done on time, let your client take the initiative, and help them find one. another translator to get the job done. Either way, the client's documentation must be in progress even if you're not ready to complete it.

+ Requests for Feedback – Asking for constructive criticism is part of completing the translation process. If a client asks you to change or re-correct a translated document, do it properly and quickly. Always remember to ask the client what is really important to them and what is best met. their needs.

Show gratitude to your customers – They are the ones who keep your lifestyle flexible and self-sustaining. Remember to show your gratitude to them, for example by sending out cards around the holidays. They will certainly think of it as a form of respect for their partnership with you.

+ Appreciate your value – Don't underestimate your value to customers, instead prove to them that they will have a good service worth their money.

By following these instructions, we ( believes you can find and retain potential customers and build a long-term and honest partnership with them.

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