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For all types of products, the accompanying user manuals are considered as a guide for their users, helping them to understand the details of the parts, how to operate, as well as ways of maintenance and warranty. Especially for electronic machinery, production lines, imported medicines, User manual is very important. Therefore, the communication of content in a way Accurate, easy to understand, right field of expertise to the user cannot be hindered by the language barrier.


Instructional translation includes translation of medication manuals, equipment manuals, and many other manuals. The characteristic of this type of translation is that it requires in-depth knowledge and accuracy and meticulousness in each sentence and word. A small mistake in the meaning of words and sentences can lead to unnecessary mistakes in the use of the product, greatly affecting the user, even affecting the patient's life. the case of translation of drug instructions.

Therefore, the translation of manuals requires a team of experienced translators, knowledgeable in specialized knowledge, and able to translate skillfully, understandable and appropriate to the language. language is translated to as well as to each case the product user or the manufacturer, the enterprise operating the machinery.

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