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Each country and territory formed has its own stories of origin, customs, and historical stories. History is a science that studies the past, especially events related to people. It is a general term that is related to past events as well as the memory, discovery, collection, organization, presentation, interpretation and information of these events.


History can be passed orally from generation to generation, from person to person. History can also be recorded through documents, movies… No matter how they are kept, they are precious documents that need to be preserved and passed on to everyone. study and reference.

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Speaking of culture, people refer to all the material and spiritual values ​​created by people themselves through labor and practical activities in the development process. Material culture is the creative capacity of human being expressed and crystallized in material products. Spiritual culture is the totality of ideas, theories and values ​​created in the spiritual life and spiritual activities of people.

Whether it is history or culture, information about any field has created an extremely rich, diverse and useful knowledge base for us. History - culture is not only present in one country, but it is a characteristic that every country has. This information always gets special attention from guides, reporters, journalists, researchers, critics, etc. Because of the specific nature of their work, they need accurate and quick information. about events, historical and cultural information at home and abroad.

Professional translation of cultural and historical documents

To meet that need, Idichthuat always ready to consult, exchange, receive translation suggestions to provide the best translations to customers.

In addition to sticking to the original content, with a team of translators and collaborators who have many years of experience in the field of translation, we are confident that the product you hold in your hand is the best translation.

Idichthuat can translate documents from different sources:

  • Translation of documents of historical books, newspapers and magazines
  • Videos, clips of cultural and historical documents
  • Translation of project documents, cultural and historical theses

Working motto of Idichthuat The aim is speed - prestige - quality, long-term cooperation. So you can completely trust the way we work as well as the quality of the products we bring.

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