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Although biochemistry has been around for a long time, it is still considered a young science. Since the 80s of the last century, biochemistry has been focused on developing in industrialized countries such as the United States, Japan and Western Europe... The countries with new industries had to wait until 1985. As for developing countries. Development has only developed a strategy for the development of the biochemistry industry in the past two decades. It can be seen that, sooner or later, every country realizes the importance of the Biochemistry industry, and needs to prioritize investment and development to better serve human life.  

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Biochemistry is a basic subject of biology, closely related to other sciences such as chemistry, biology, genetics, physiology, pathophysiology, immunology, pharmacology... Previously, the applications of Biochemistry were only applied to simple tasks such as fermenting food (wine, beer, yogurt, vinegar, cheese...), biological fertilizers, biological pesticides, etc. Today, with the support of modern science and technology, Biochemistry has the opportunity to study more deeply at the cellular and molecular level. New discoveries and new advances have been widely applied in many different specialties such as viral biochemistry, bacterial biochemistry, plant biochemistry, animal biochemistry, medical biochemistry...

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The current biochemistry industry is still in the research stage and there are not many clear applications to life, but Vietnam has been ahead of this trend since the 1990s. Vietnam's biochemistry industry is especially developed in the current period. Now with many curricula, many startups in this field. However, because it is still quite young, most of the specialized documents are in foreign languages. To overcome the language barrier, idichthuat has become a bridge to support the translation of many documents specialized in Biochemistry for teaching and research as follows:

(Some documents specialized in Biochemistry)

– Genetic engineering
– Cell engineering
– Microbial engineering
– Fermentation engineering
– Enzyme/protein engineering (Enzyme/Protein engineering)
– Environmental biotechnology


Biochemistry is a micro and complex science that has made great progress in developed countries. Idichthuat We believe that, in order for Vietnam's Biochemistry industry to quickly catch up with the development progress with the world, we need to build a rich and abundant source of Biochemistry materials, and more importantly, carefully and accurately compiled. corpse. Idichthuat wishes to accompany the development of Vietnam's Biochemistry industry by translating these specialized resources. To gain credibility during the past 5 years, idichthuat In addition to extensive experience, it is also a pleasure to collaborate with domestic and foreign experts in Biochemistry to Professional translation will be real accurate - quick - confidential - saving best for customers.

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