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Professional Translation – Experience for Hottest Translators

Dig deep into the translation industry, and you'll find there are some tips or rules to follow. In the industry professional translation, there are a lot of pitfalls, especially when you work as a freelance translator.

Experience for translators

+ Note: How To Become A Successful Translator

You are not only a translator but also the general manager, CEO, marketing specialist and advertising officer of your own company ^.^.

Here are some of our experiences idichthuat would like to send to new translators:

First, even if you don't have a certificate in English translation in law or finance, that won't stop you from going deep in those areas, The quality of the work results is what matterseh.

If you really have a desire to enter a new field, it is not too difficult to satisfy customer requirements. You need to learn the industry terminology in detail and then test a few pages for your client.

For freelance translators just starting out, there are many places that can help you reach clients that match your area of ​​expertise. (Participate as a CTV for translation companies, for example)

It's important to remember that don't take on projects you're not specialized in or beyond your capabilities. If you are honest with the client and refuse this project then doesn't mean they will underestimate you.

We have turned down many such clients knowing that we did not have the manpower and time to do it at that time. Over time, many more projects came to us from those rejected clients. So that, Be honest because if you have credibility, you have everything, and vice versa.

That proves the quality professional translation yours – you know your abilities and it is “catalysts” good to help lubricate your working process later. However, you should also work with translation experts in a field you are not specialized in to develop further relationships and other professional skills (it will give you much more confidence when accepting projects). client's project).

Professional translation team

+ Note: Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Translator

Make sure you ask the customer questions, only asking questions can you have a comprehensive view. Every translation has at least one purpose, then motive. One of the important things in professional translation is clarifying the client's requirements, not guessing what the client wants to say or need!

A common mistake made by newcomers to the translation industry is trying to impress the client and not questioning the client's requirements. This can cause you to "fall down" when it's time to deliver a translation when it doesn't match "real request" of the client side.

For example, there are many customers who want to translate bilingually (English and Vietnamese) but do not mention it at all (or very vaguely) because they think that "you understood!“…and when it came time to deliver the translation”you will understand!”…

When translating, you must ensure that it follows the original style that the author wants to express whether it's humor, catchphrases or scientific language… It's also important to have translate the meaning of words, not merely translate of words, if necessary you should also ask a native speaker to correct the translation to make sure it sounds natural and exactly as intended by the author.

You must remember that starting a translation career as a freelancer means entering the world. professional translation and more professional. There are so many projects to work on, time freedom, and lots of adventure opportunities.

And don't forget that there are plenty of experienced veterans out there ready to help you avoid the mistakes they've made. Use their help to achieve success in your work. If you need any assistance with translation, idichthuat feel free to help you to the best of your ability.

Good luck on your chosen path and become a professional translator!

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