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Translating bid documents in Hanoi quickly, good price, commitment to confidentiality

IDICHTHUAT nhận Bidding document translation in Hanoi Multilingual, reputable, fast. Good price, included 100% absolute guarantee. To ensure the convenience in projects, the two factors of understanding and agreement are the top priorities.

Overview of bidding documents translation at Ha Noi

Bid Documents Translation Service in Hanoi

Translating bid documents in Hanoi helps increase the bid winning rate

Bidding document translation is a very developing field in our country today. Because in the context of a flat world, the construction industry attracts a large number of contractors from home and abroad. An important means of promoting cooperation and development.

We all know, whether winning the bid or not depends greatly on the quality of the translated documents. Not to mention the fierce competition between units in the same translation industry. Companies need to show their strengths and advantages through bidding documents. If unfortunately there is a slight deviation or use of inappropriate language. This means that the winning rate is significantly reduced.

Translating multi-language bid documents, in addition to English, is most commonly used in international projects. IDICHTHUAT also receive translation of tender documents, translate documents in many other languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French… In order to catch up with trends, supply and best serve the needs of customers anytime, anywhere.

Quotation for translation service of bidding documents in Hanoi

Update the situation of addresses specializing in Bidding Translation Services in Hanoi

Quotations for translation services of bidding documents in Hanoi accurately

After having evaluated the client's material. Employee of IDICHTHUAT Will research carefully and give detailed quotes to customers. There are three forms of translation quotes in Hanoi:

- Quotation directly at the office

- Quotation via email

- Quotation by phone

If the customer agrees with the company's proposed price. The document will be immediately transferred to the translation room. At the same time, quickly make an appointment to return documents with customers.

All information is IDICHTHUAT provide transparency, clarity for free. Will help you feel secure "choose the face to send gold". Not afraid of being yelled at, pushing the price up, especially for those who are using the service for the first time or do not have much experience in the industry.


Bid document translation service in Hanoi will not disappoint you

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of visa and translation. IDICHTHUAT ensure the fastest completion time, maintain the prestige and quality brand.

Time saving

Super fast translation speed, can handle up to 100.000 words/day. Commit to comply with the schedule of any bid documents when the customer needs it. Even for difficult, urgent orders, needed in a short time.

Bid Documents Translation Service Company in Hanoi

Bidding document translation service in Hanoi saves time


Not only that, IDICHTHUAT has a team of experienced professionals. A large number of translation staff – there is a localization element. Combined with professional translation software such as TRADOS, Translation Memory. To ensure high accuracy, optimal cost savings.

Professional bidding process in Hanoi Hà

– Step 1: Analyze the project, determine the specialization, difficulty level, and ease of the document.

– Step 2: Allocate personnel, it determines up to 80% of the success of the project.

– Step 3: Make a wordlist and send it to the translators to ensure consistency in the translated content. suitable for construction contractors.

– Step 4: Carry out translation

There are experts to monitor the progress of the translation, helping the work to go smoothly, with the shortest time.

– Step 5: Proofreading

An indispensable step before delivering the translation to the user. The quality of the translation documents is perfect or not, this depends on the expertise and accuracy of the staff doing the proofreading.

– Step 6: Formatting

To create professionalism of records, documents. The translated document must also have the same structure as the original document or according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Is the Bid Documents Translation Service in Hanoi reputable?

Professional bidding process in Hanoi Hà

– Step 7: Browse the project

To avoid the smallest mistake that can be made in the process of Formatting the document. IDICHTHUAT have a team of experts to final control both content and form before handing over the translation to the customer.

Privacy policy at the translation of bidding documents in Hanoi of IDICHTHUAT

Translation IDICHTHUAT Focus on investing in a good security system, documents will not be disclosed. Require all employees involved in the project to comply with 100%:

– Do not contact directly/indirectly with people related to the translation project.

– Do not disclose the content of the translated document to anyone. All information is kept private, especially for advertising and spam sending units.

– After completion, both the original and the translation must be returned to the company.

– If no repair request arises, after transferring the document to the customer, the company is responsible for deleting / destroying all data on the machine.

Come to the bidding document translation company in Hanoi of IDICHTHUAT, customers also experience the best service with irresistible incentives. For any needs, questions, please contact us for 24/7 consultation (the fastest you can leave your contact information in the online chat button at the bottom right corner of the screen or get contact information at

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