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Translation is not simply translating one language into another. Although some simple texts can be translated like regular text, others are more complex. For example, the difficulty of translating a death certificate is not the same as translating a medical report or a novel. 

Expert translators deliver the best quality products faster than amateur translators, because expert translators are more productive! As such, amateur translators need to study what expert translators are doing. You can understand that translation is a deep understanding of professional issues. 

Words of Charles Martin

In his article “Specialist Translation”, Charles Martin said that:

"Everyone in the translation industry seems to agree that today's translators need expertise. (…) [One of the reasons is] the exponential expansion of knowledge. It is more understanding of any particular major and some new majors. No translator will have enough knowledge to translate all types of documents well in a given time period."

Main translation specialties

Below is a list of several areas of translation, ranked in order of popularity (according to a survey we conducted last year).

  • Skill(Automotive Engineering Translation)
  • Marketing (Communication, Creative Translation, Social Media...)
  • Juridical(Legal translation)
  • Business Finance
  • Social Sciences (Politics, Gender Studies, etc.)
  • Medical science
  • Literary
  • Listen and see
  • Game videos

At IDICHTHUAT, we specialize in translating all kinds of Marketing, Medical and IT specialties! In addition, we also receive a lot of common documents, certificates, contracts ...


Influence of the Internet on Specialized Translation

As quoted by Charles Martin:

"The Internet is the second main reason why specialized translation is becoming increasingly necessary. First, by helping translators deliver translations quickly to clients anywhere in the world and promoting exceptional skills and services far beyond the domestic market, the international website has make it easier for specialized translators to translate.

Second, by leaving a wealth of information at their disposal, they can venture into new and more professional fields. However, the Internet is increasingly competitive, helping those who have documents to translate will find someone who can meet their needs or prices."

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