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When translating marketing materials, working with a professional marketing translator is a necessity. Marketing and marketing translation is very complex and many people often underestimate it.

Although translating from source language to target language is simple for a professional translator, there are many other aspects that need to be taken care of. In other words, marketing translators need a distinct set of skills to ensure your marketing efforts don't go to waste.

Writting skill

Contrary to the thinking that translation is rendering the source text in another language, marketing translation requires good writing skills. Translators need to be able to write compelling and persuasive content in the target language. What's more, that content needs to have an impact on locals and will look a little different when translated back into the source language. Translators also need a creative license to preserve the message of the text, and this skill is reserved for professional marketing translators. 

Understanding the brand

When participating in a marketing translation project, translators must first ensure they have a deep understanding not only of the campaign, but also of the brand itself. As mentioned above, the source text will often need to be altered slightly to preserve the message in the target language. This requires a good specialized knowledge of both marketing practices and brand mission.

Understanding target customers

Translators need to have an understanding of the project's target audience in order to come up with the correct terminology to use. From there, they can make sure they're both engaging and evaluating the content your brand wants to showcase.

This cultural awareness will help marketing translators stand out from their peers! You will rest assured that your marketing efforts have met their goals as your localization campaign will resonate with your target audience. 

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IT skills

Marketing translators need to understand the “behind the scenes” of interfaces and user experience. They need to be able to work with tagging, placeholders, character limits, CTAs, etc.

Creative translation

Creative translation within marketing translation can make or break language localization efforts. We can understand creative translation as a combination of "translation" and "creation". This process is complicated and requires the involvement of professional marketing translators.

Thereby, the translator will optimize marketing advertising content for target customers. When starting a creative translation project, the translator not only translates, but also makes significant changes to the translated text by improving understanding of the text in the target market. 

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The importance of a professional marketing translator

You should not neglect working with professional marketing translators such as when participating in localization and globalization campaigns. Furthermore, if the translation of the marketing copy is bad, resources can be wasted and the brand's image will suffer in that market.

At Crisol Translations, we take pride in working with professional marketing translators around the globe. Their unique cultural and linguistic knowledge will set your marketing strategy apart from the competition. 

For more detailed information about translation services, contact us immediately to receive the most competitive service quote in the market.

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