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The only way to measure the success of marketing translation is in the context of the business's overall marketing goals. 

The Basics: What is the Magic of Marketing?

Let's start with some basic concepts. It's that digital marketing strategy and campaign are not the same two concepts. A digital marketing strategy is the actions or steps a business commits to taking to achieve its overall marketing goal. On the other hand, digital marketing campaign is exactly the overall marketing goal of the whole business. 

The first step in developing a digital marketing campaign is to define the goals of the campaign. First of all, businesses need to establish a common mission for this campaign. The mission consists of a single outcome, such as improving brand awareness in the UK.

Furthermore, they also need measurable goals that are realistic, relevant, and timely. For example, increase online sales in the UK by 30% by May 5.

Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the success of marketing translation dịch

This is where KPIs come into play. As defined by Kilpfolio, a performance indicator is a measurable value that shows how effectively a business achieves its key business objectives. KPI will measure value in every language!

So what are the implications for the compiler? A good marketing translator can stay conscientious with a business's digital marketing strategy and campaigns and deliver measurable results and KPIs that are the same in the target language. This is how businesses will determine if their localized Rate of Return (ROI) is high enough for them to continue localizing their content for other markets. 

Questions worth asking

The responsibility of a marketing translator is quite large. Are pageviews in the target language as high as in the source language? How fast is the customer base growing in the target market compared to the original market? What is the conversion rate for the localized version of the website or app?

How will social media interactions look for posts in the target language? Marketing translators need to ask themselves these questions. 

Clients will be assessed for all KPIs and more, and professional marketing translators need to meet client expectations.  

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