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The concept and how it works of Translation Memory

Translation memory is one of many parts of the translation automation revolution. This revolution we are currently experiencing is an exciting and frightening time for the Translators!

Translation technologies have developed rapidly in recent years, with the product being an automatic translation that leaves people gasping in awe. Although automatic translation will never replace human translation, there are many technologies that make the life of translators easier.

We have a wide selection from computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) to automatic translation, translation management systems and translation robots. But how do these technologies impact the translation process? Furthermore, what exactly is translation memory defined and how does it work?

How translation memory works

Translation memory is a translation technology we use at IDICHTHUAT. By storing past translations in a database, translation memory retrieves this data to reuse words, phrases, and sentences for future translations.

These segments can vary in length, and the software selects them based on their contextual relevance to the project. The process of creating and cleaning translation memory can take a long time. The technology also has lasting effects on some types of text. If you are a translator, you may never have to translate the same sentence twice.

Benefits of translation memory

Translation memory is one of the most useful tools in the modern translation industry! Translation technologies have come a long way since entering the industry, and it helps to produce extremely standard translations.

These premium linguist products keep customers happy, linguists productive, and prolong business. Aside from the quick turnaround involved in the use of translation memory, they are all extremely effective in driving customer satisfaction.

When you use translation memory, you'll use previous translations to take advantage of later translation projects. You need less time to complete a translation, which in turn can reduce costs.

With a large, well-maintained and always-updated translation memory, the consistency and quality of translations are greatly improved! That improvement will reduce the need for extensive modifications as well as lower costs.

Translation memory and other translation technologies

Translation memory is special in that it is a translator, not a machine, who initially completes the actual original translation. This is different from other technologies such as automatic translation where a computer program does the entire translation, meaning the output is of significantly lower quality.

Furthermore, the number of translation languages ​​that support memory is limitless, which means that the opportunities for growth are endless. However, large enterprises often use translation memory in conjunction with automatic translation (especially when the translation includes a lot of simple language, repetition and standard terms) to achieve good results. great results.

Always be careful when your translation service provider manages the automatic translation output if they use it in the translation! The practice of charging customers for human services and handing off work to robots has become more frequent in our industry than you know, so always be on the lookout.


When do translators use translation memory?

Translators often need to work on projects over and over again. Then translation memory is the perfect tool to use. First, it isolates the text segments that are already in its database, and then it automatically populates the new translation.

Since a professional translator did the initial work, you can be sure that the translation is of good quality. You should also note that translation memory needs to be maintained! Did you know that the need to maintain them has created a real new role in the major translation businesses?

At IDICHTHUAT, we aim to provide you with a good quality translation for the best value obtained. To do this, we work with the most advanced translation technologies, such as translation memory, which we have developed and maintained over the years, to ensure that your translations are always perfect.

For more details on how we improve our translation efforts, contact us for the best service advice and the latest offers.

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