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English - Vietnamese Legal Translation Terms (P10 – V – U – V – W – Y)


Testament /'testəmənt/, /tést-man/: Testament

A written statement of the writer's wishes for the distribution of property upon their death. Di will take effect immediately upon the writer's death

Testate /'testeit/, /tés-west/: Did you leave a will?

Testator /te'steitə/, /tes-stretch-tze/: A testator, a person who leaves a will after his death.

Testimony /'testiməni/: Testimony in court

Witness testimony after being sworn to tell the truth.

Tort /tɔ:t/: Violations

Errors in civil law are used as the basis for lawsuits. The main purpose of the tort law is to compensate for damage or injury suffered by a person as a result of wrongdoing other people.

Transcript /'trӕnskript/, /trén-skript/: Typed transcript of testimony in court

Trial /'traiəl/, /left-ol/: The court

Trier of Facts: Judge

The judge/judge or jury hears the testimony and decides the outcome of the trial.

Trust /trᴧst/, /trst/: Trust

Legal obligation of an asset manager for the benefit of others.

Trustee /trᴧ'sti:/, /trs-stí/: Trustee

The person who looks after the property for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary).


Uncontested /,ᴧnkən'testid/, /ân-con-tés-tid/:

Clearly, without controversy, when the matter has been agreed upon by the parties.

Undertaking /,ᴧndə'teikiŋ/, /ânndđ-tà-king/:

Undertaking to perform the obligations set forth in the lawsuit.

Undue Hardship: Extremely difficult situation

In exceptional cases, a person is reduced or exempted from the enforcement of a legal obligation. According to the Under family law, the amount of child support may be reduced if the parent proves to the court that If they have to support the entire amount as required, they will fall into poverty.

Unexecuted Warrant: The order has not been executed

Unlawful /,ᴧn'lɔ:fl/, /ân-ló-ful/: Crime


Valuation date:

The date of calculation of the value of common property of husband and wife in order to assess the value of assets converted into money.

Variation: A change in a court order or legal document made by a judge.

Varian: to change

Verdict /'və:dikt/, /socks-dikt/: Judgment, decision of a court or jury after trial.

Vexatious Litigant: Plaintiff does not have enough evidence

People who like to sue but have no legitimate claims

Vicarious liability: Indirect liability

One's legal liability for another's conduct, often involving liability the employer's responsibility when the employee commits a mistake while working.

Victim Impact Statement: List of effects suffered by the victim

A list of the effects the victim has suffered as a result of the crime. The judge will see consider this report when convicting the suspect.


Warrant /'wɔrənt/, /too-rn/:

Court order ordering law enforcement officers to arrest suspects, conduct searches to find evidence of a crime, extraditing the subpoenaed person to court.

 Arrest Warrant: Arrest warrant

An order issued by a judge that allows the police to arrest a suspect.

 Search warrants: Search warrant

Court order allowing police to enter private homes and search for evidence of crimes and property suspected of serving a crime.

Withdrawal /wið'drɔ:əl/, /quit-tró-ô/: Withdrawal

Waive or stop complaints or lawsuits

Without Notice: No notice

You can ask the court to make an order without notifying or meeting the other party.

Witness /'witnis/, /quit-nis/: Witness

The person who knew the facts before the trial and gave testimony under oath to tell the truth.

Write /rit/: ta's order/subpoena

Order of a court or judicial authority to direct the performance or termination of a duty specific service.


Young Person: Teenagers (adolescents)

Children from 12 to 17 years old.

Youth Court (Youth Justice Court): Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court breaks the law.

Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA): Criminal law for youth

Canadian federal law on the juvenile justice system.

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