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Terms of Legal Translation English - Vietnamese (P6 - Rhymes J - L)


Joint Custody: General guardianship

When both parents have the right to participate in important decisions for their children. The child mainly lives the same guardian (father or mother) and regularly see the other.

Joint Liability: Joint responsibility

Two or more people are jointly responsible for debt payments, claims and other liabilities.

Judge /'dӡᴧdӡ/, /dӡdӡ/: Judge, judge

The person presiding over the court, adjudicating legal disputes.

Judgment /'dӡᴧdӡmənt/, /dӡӡdӡ-mân/:

The court's decision regarding the rights and responsibilities of the parties in the case.

Default Judgment: The decision to win the case is obvious to the plaintiff because the defendant does not counter the plaintiff's claims, often by not being present at the hearing.

Summary Judgment: The decision to win the case for one party without opening a court due to clear evidence in favor of one party.

Judgment Creditor: The winner of the case and receives money from the loser according to the decision court decision

Judgment Debtor: The loser sues and must pay the winner according to the decision of the court.

Judicial Interim Release: On bail, provisional release before trial

The release of the suspect is unconditional, unless the prosecutor gives a compelling reason for conditional release. Temporary release does not apply to certain crimes as dangerous as murder or treason.

Jurisdiction /,dӡuəris'dikʃn/, /ge-ris-dik-pitch/: Jurisdiction, jurisdiction, jurisdiction Quyền

Jurisdiction of the court to hear legal matters.

Jury /'dӡuəri/, /gi-ri/: Jury, trial panel

Justice /'dӡᴧstis/, /dӡᴧs-tis/: Justice

(1) Judge in court.

(2) Fairness.

Justice of the Peace: Judges have the power to issue subpoenas, bail, and try less dangerous crimes


Law /lɔ:/: Luật

The system of regulations is enforced through social agencies. Laws include statutes established by legislatures, regulations and rules by the executive and courts decision judgment.

Lawyer /'lɔ:jə/, /lói-do/: Lawyer

People who study law, have a practicing certificate granted by the Law Society, practice law, participate in support legal representative or on behalf of the parties to a lawsuit.

Leave /li:v/: Court approval for absence or delay

Legal Aid: Legal support

Funded organization to provide free or low-cost legal aid to individuals who cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Legislation /,ledӡis'leiʃn/, /le-gis-grab-pitch/: Legislation

Laws passed by the legislature, called laws/laws

Liability /,laiə'biliti/, /lai-e-bi-li-ti/: Liability, financial obligations, debt

Absolute Liability: Absolute responsibility for the offense even if it is not intentional

Joint Liability: Joint responsibility

Two or more people are jointly responsible for an event or act that causes damage to third parties.

Limited Liability: Limited

Liability is limited by law or the contract of the parties. For example, financial responsibility The principal of the partners in the business is limited by the amount invested in the business.

Several Liabilities: Individual responsibility of each person

Strict Liability: Full responsibility for breaking the law.

Absence and some degree of negligence may be justified for this violation.

Vicarious liability: Indirect liability

One person's liability for another's conduct, usually involving the employer's responsibility when the employee commits a mistake while working.

Limitation Period: A certain period of time to file a complaint or sue

Litigation /,liti'geiʃn/, /liti-gay-yard/: Procedures for civil litigation before the trial

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