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Legal Terminology in Vietnamese – Legal Terms English - Vietnamese P1

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• Access /'ӕkses/, /ac-ses/: Right to meet and visit. The right (for parents who do not directly supervise or raise children) to visit and see their children and to receive information about their children's health, living and learning status.

• Accused /ə'kju:zd/, /ờ-kius/: Defendant, accused – Person accused or person being tried in court.

• Acquittal /ə'kwitl/, /u-quíô/: acquittal, verdict of innocence. The court's decision that the defendant is innocent.

• Act /ӕkt/, /ac/: Law – The bill has been passed and enacted by the National Assembly.

• Action /ӕkʃn/, /ac-cân/: Litigation, lawsuit – Legal proceedings against another person.

• Actus Reus /'ӕktəs 'reiiəs/, /actts re-us/: (term from Latin) Crime.

• Adjournment /ə'dӡə:nmənt/, /ờ-gön-man/: The postponement

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• Adoption /ə'dɔpʃn/, /ờ-dp-pn/: Adoption – The legal process of transferring guardianship from the parent who gave birth to the child to the person who adopted the child.

• Affidavit /,ӕfi'deivit/, /e-fi-de-vit/: Affidavit of Oath – A document signed voluntarily by the sworn person under the instructions of a legal authority.

+ Affidavit of Service: also known as Proof of Service – Court documents prepared by a person specializing in court papers. This document must be hand-delivered to the person concerned.

• Affirmation /,ӕfə:'meiʃn/, /e-fmé-sân/: Oath to tell the truth

+ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Dispute resolution. Refers to all forms of out-of-court mediation, including negotiation, settlement, and mediation.

• Arbitration /,a:bi'treiʃn/, /a-bi-treiʃn/: Mediation results. Mediation process with the participation of an intermediary mediator, so that the two parties agree to come to a final agreement. In case the two parties disagree, the mediator has the absolute right to decide.

+ Collaborative Family Law: The process of mediation of conflicts related to family law between disputing parties and lawyers without going to court.

• Mediation /mi:di'eiʃn/, /mi-die-court/: Reconciliation. This is a method of dispute resolution (ADR) by a third party to settle disputes between two parties. The person who mediates is called a mediator.

• Amicus Curiae /ə'mēkəs 'kjuri,ai/, /e-mí-kôs kiu-ri-ai/: (a term of Latin origin) Legal aid lawyer for the court process, at the request of the court.

• Annulment /ə'nᴧlmənt/, /en-n-mân/: Abolition. Declaration does not recognize legal marriage, does not recognize marriage.

• Answer /'a:nsə/, /án-s/: Defend. A defense of an allegation or lawsuit.

• Appeal /ə'pi:l/, /e-píl/: Appeal. Requesting a higher court to review the results of a lower court's trial. There must be a lawful reason to appeal. For example, the judge made an error in applying the law to the case.

• Appellant /ə'pelənt/, /e-pé-lân/: Appellant. The person who filed the appeal.

• Applicant /'ӕplikənt/, /é-pli-kg/: The person who applies or files the application

• Apprehend /,ӕpri'hend/, /epri-hén/:

(1) Arrest by court order.

(2) Isolate the child from parents or guardians for safety reasons, by a social worker or the police.

• Arraignment /ə'reinmənt/, /erén-man/: Impeachment, impeachment. The process of identifying the defendant, the charge is read out to the defendant and asking the defendant to confirm guilt or innocence.

• Arrears /ə'riəs/, /e-rí-s/: Outstanding debt, outstanding debt. Unpaid debt or only partially paid when it is past due.

• Arrest /ə'rest/, /e-rést/: Arrest. The act of arresting a person by law enforcement, usually for a criminal offence.

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• Assessment /ə'sesmənt/, /ờ-sés-man/:

(1) Fixed amount.

(2) (In criminal law) Mental examination of the suspect at the time of the crime.

(3) (In civil law) A psychiatric assessment of a person to assess his or her ability to manage property, his ability to make decisions regarding his own care, or to hire an attorney and provide information .

(4) (In family law) Assessment of parents' ability to take care of their children.
Attorney /ə'tə:ni, /e-me-ni/: Attorney. The representative of the person participating in the lawsuit, the client. This representative must have a license/license to practice.

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