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English - Vietnamese Legal Translation Terms (P7 – M – N – O)


Master /'ma:stə/, /más-te/: Court-appointed specialist

Specialized in drafting court decisions on lawsuits or laws.

Matrimonial Home: Place of residence during marriage

It can be rented or bought by one party or both in the same name.

Mediation: Reconciliation

This is a way of mediation by a third party to settle disputes between two parties.

Mediator /'mi:dieitə/, /mí-diei-te/: Mediator, arbitrator

The person who intervenes in the parties to a dispute to help mediate disagreements.

Mens Rea: Criminal intent, criminal intent

There are two elements that make up a crime: the intention to commit the crime (mens rea) and the offense (actus reus).

Mentally Incapable: Disabilities

According to the law, a person with a disability is a person who is unable to perceive the information and consequences of their actions or decisions.

Minor /'mainə/, /bow-bow/: Children and adolescents

The provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island are covered The age of majority is 18 years old. British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick set the age of majority at 19 years.

Minutes of Settlement: Minutes of agreement

The document contains the terms of the agreement and the signatures of the parties to the legal dispute. The parties This document may be filed with the court to obtain an order of settlement from the court or a written agreement This agreement was approved by the court.

Misrepresentation /'mis,reprizen'teiʃn/, /mís-re-pri-zen-tat-yard/:

Misunderstanding, distortion of the truth.

The description of the event is incomplete, not true.

Mitigation /,miti'geiʃn/, /miti-gay-yard/: Reduce the sentence, fix the damage

Mitigation action taken by the person suing the party causing the damage.

Motion /'mouʃn/, /abutment-pitch/: Petition, request, petition

A petition sent to the court to request a court order or decision.


Neglect /ni'glekt/, /ni-glékt/:

Neglecting tasks, not completing tasks as required.

Negligence /'neglidӡəns/, /né-gli-don/:

Carelessness and irresponsibility in the performance of duties.

No Contact Order: Prohibition on contact

An order prohibiting a person from having direct or indirect, verbal or physical contact with another person.

Nominal Damages: Minimum compensation, symbolic compensation bồi

Minimum compensation for minor injury or small loss.

Non-Pecuniary damages: Compensation for injury

Compensation for loss cannot be quantified in money, for example compensation for physical pain substance and spirit.

Notary/Notary Public: Notary public, notary public officer

Person with legal authority in the preparation and verification of the authenticity of certain documents by seal.

Notice /'noutis/, /no-tis/: Official notice in the form of a written notice or notice.


Oath /ouθ/: Oath

The oath promises to tell the truth

Offfence /ə'fens/, / /f-féns/: Crime, violation

Hybrid defense: Crime – this can be a felony or misdemeanor

Criminal offenses, which can be prosecuted at a heavy or light level.

Indictable Offensive: felony, felony, felony

Summary Conviction Offensive: Misdemeanor, misdemeanor

Misdemeanors with shorter jail terms and less fines than felonies (Indictable Offensive). The maximum penalty is six months imprisonment, a fine of $6, or both.

Quasi-Criminal Offense: (not criminal)

Violate federal, provincial, or local regulations.

Regulatory Offensive: (not a criminal offense) Crime of breaking the scene

Careless behavior is not inherently immoral but violates the law. For example, driving over speed allowed, drunk in public, and hunting, fishing, or driving without a license.

Omission /'omiʃn/, /ó-mi-yard/: Failure to follow the law due to irresponsibility, carelessness

Order /'ɔ:də/, /ó-d/: Court order or decision

Final Orders: Final Judgment

Final decision on the rights and responsibilities of the parties in the lawsuit.

Interim or interlocutory order: Interim court order, provisional order

Court orders are short-lived, often lasting until the next hearing when The court reviews the entire case and makes a final decision.

Probation Order: Suspension, probation

A court order that allows the person serving a sentence not to go to jail but to be under the supervision of court until the expiration of the sentence.

Restraining Order: Temporary ban

To prevent violators from harassing or having contact with spouse or children, or restraining order hay spouse destroys property when there is a property dispute.

Restitution: Compensation

A court order forcing the offender to return property to the victim or pay monetary compensation to the victim for damaged or lost property, or to pay the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged property bad.

Support Orders: Subsidy Regulations

The sponsor must provide a fixed amount for a specified period of time to the
spouse and/or children.

Temporary Orders: Provisional Regulations

The decision is effective for a short period of time before a final decision is made.

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