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English - Vietnamese Legal Translation Terms (P4 - Rhyme E)


+ Endorse /in'dɔ:s/, /in-thats/:

(1) Sign legal documents.

(2) Sign the document authorizing the legal transfer.

(3) Acceptance.

(4) Document attached to correct/modify or supplement the document.

+ Enforcement /in'fɔ:smənt/, /in-fós-mân/: The enforcement of the law

Compulsory action in compliance with a law, regulation, or court order.

Equalization Payment: Is the amount of money paid by one spouse to the other so that both of them own the same amount of property (property accumulated during marriage).

+ Estate /is'teit/, /is-tát/: An estate, property owned by a person, usually referring to the property left by one's estate lost person.

+ Evidence /'evidəns/, /é-vi-đâns/: Evidence, evidence

Information, statements or other things presented in court to prove or disprove an allegation.

Direct Evidence: Direct Evidence

From the testimony of witnesses who actually saw, heard, or came into contact with the subject suspect.

Expert Evidence: Expert Evidence

Testimony of an expert, scientist or technical expert in a related field mandarin.

Hearsay evidence: Evidence based on rumors

Evidence based on heard information. Usually, the evidence by hearing is not accepted in court.

Ex Parte: (a term of Latin origin) for the absence of the opponent

Relating to legal proceedings in which the other party was not informed or informed but did not appear in court.

+ Examination /ig,zӕmi'neiʃn/, /ik-zem-min-court/: Interrogation

Interrogation of witnesses in court.

Exclusive Possession of the Matrimonial Home:

A court order that allows one spouse to live in a shared home while the other must move to another place to ensure the safety of this person.

Execution /,eksi'kju:ʃn/, /ek-si-kíu-hân/: Execution of court orders, execution of orders

Exhibit /ig'zibit/, /ik-zí-bit/: Exhibits, evidence

Document or object used as evidence in court.

Expert /'ekspə:t/, /ercs-pot/: Expert

A person who has in-depth knowledge and skill on an issue, and is required by a court to provide an opinion about an issue or evidence to support the judge.

Extraordinary Expenses: Special Expenses

Special expenses for child care and support. This is the term related to the payment Child support costs in family law.

Factum /'fӕktəm/, /feet/: Statement of facts

A written summary of the petitioner's status in the case, including relevant evidence and brief argument.

Family Court: A court specializing in family law matters

A section of the court that deals only with family matters. In Alberta, the Provincial Court Court and Court of Queen's Bench both have this division.

Family Law: Family Law

Canada's legal system deals with family matters such as marriage, separation, divorce marriage, child custody, right of meeting and communication, child support and spousal allowance, division assets accumulated during marriage…

Family Law Act:

Alberta family law deals with family matters such as guardianship, encounters, roles father's role, child support, separation... But not dealing with marriage, divorce, spousal support, marital property division or custody, visitation rights and allowances children born during marriage. These issues fall within the union's Divorce Law state.

Fees /fi:s/: Fees

Compensation costs for the lawsuit, including court fees paid to the court.

Fiduciary /fi'dju:ʃjəri/, /fi-díu-shri/: Trustee

Person who is obligated to act for the benefit of another person (often called the beneficiary) in the some cases.

Final Order: A final judgment, a court order that ends the case.

Financial Statement: Financial Statement

Written information on income, expenses, assets and liabilities of a person, business or organize.

Fine /fain/: Fine

The amount that an individual must pay if it is found to have committed a crime or violate it.

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