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English-Vietnamese Legal Translation Terms (P5 – V – G – H – I)


Garnishee /,ga:ni'ʃi:/, /ga-ní-shi/: 3rd party (third party) in the debt clearing process

Usually the bank or the person paying the debtor's salary. The third party must pay the amount owed by the defendant (the defendant and the debtor) to the court and this amount will be pay the creditor (the petitioner).

Garnishment: Debt offset from the debtor's salary or bank account

When the court orders the collection of a debt from the debtor's wages and/or bank account to pay the owner
in debt.

Guardian/Guardian ad litem: Guardians

Person with legal rights and obligations to care for and/or manage assets and interests of people who have not reached adulthood or are unable to handle personal matters on their own.

Guilty /'gilti/, /ghiu-ti/: Guilty

Responsible for the offense when the court convicts the defendant or when the defendant pleads guilty.


Hearing /'hiəriŋ/, /hía-ring/: Preliminary hearing

Trial before going to court.

Hearsay evidence: Evidence based on rumors

Evidence based on heard information. Usually, the evidence by hearing is not accepted in court.

Hologram Will: Handwritten wills

The will is handwritten, dated and signed by the testator. Handwritten will legally recognized in Alberta but not in many other provinces in Canada.

Homicide /'hɔmisaid/, /hó-mi-sai/: Murder, murder

It is a dangerous criminal offense, including first-degree murder, second-degree murder, child murder infanticide and manslaughter (not intentional homicide).

Hybrid defense:

Criminal offenses that prosecutors can prosecute are heavy or light by 2 prosecution processes different. Summary conviction procedure is the prosecution for a misdemeanor (summary .) conviction offence) and indictment is the prosecution for a felony (indictable offense).


Illegal /i'li:gəl/, /i-lí-go/: Illegal

Against the law or prohibited

Imprisonment /im'priznmənt/, /im-prí-zân-man/: Imprisonment, imprisonment

Input income: Estimated income

When the court finds that the parent did not disclose the correct income to calculate the amount of child support children, the court can use the estimated earnings. This estimated income can higher than the person's actual income. The court did this to avoid the case the parent intentionally declares a decrease in income or is intentionally unemployed or does not work in order not to have to child support.

Print Camera: Private trial, not public

Courts are usually open to the public. A “in camera” trial means a closed-door hearing, there is no means of communication, which takes place only between the parties involved.

Incarceration /in,ka:sə'reiʃn/, /in-casual-pitch/: Incarceration

Indictable Offensive: felony, felony, felony

Serious criminal offenses with severe punishments including extended prison time and high fines. Procedures for these crimes are also more complex.

Indictment /in'daitmənt/, /in-urinal/: Indictment, criminal prosecution process

The document lists the alleged crimes. This is a form of prosecution for a felony in the high court (Court of Queen's Bench in Alberta).

Information /,infə'meiʃn/, /inf'meiʃn/: Indictment

A document containing criminal charges brought by the police, usually applied in a provincial court Provincial Court to prosecute the accused.

Injunction /in'dӡᴧŋkʃn/, /in-dkʃn/: Court order (forbidden or forced to do something)

Inquest /'inkwest/, /ín-quest/: Request a forensic examination

To determine the cause of death due to violence or other unusual causes.

Insolvency /in'sɔlvənsi/, /in-numbers-vs-si/: Status of inability to pay debts (finished)

Interest Rate: Interest rate

A percentage of the debt owed by the borrower to the lender.

Interim or interlocutory order: Interim court order

Court orders are short-lived, often extending into the next court hearing review the entire case and make a final decision.

Intestate /in'testit/, /in-tés-tit/: The dead do not leave a will

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