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Legal Translation Terms English - Vietnamese (P8 - Rhyme P)


Sorry: Pardon

Process to allow the removal of criminal records from police records for convicted offenders and this information will not be disclosed.

Parenting Plan: Parenting plan

A written agreement between the parents and a plan to care for the child after the parents' separation.

Parole /pə'roul/, /p-rol/: Conditional release

Conditional release before the prisoner completes his or her prison term. Prisoners must obey sued and subject to supervision.

Party /'pa:ti/, /páti/: A person who enters into a transaction or contract or lawsuit.

Payor: The person who must pay the other party by court order or agreement.

Peace Bond: A decision by a criminal court that requires a person not to cause trouble and behave properly in a certain period of time.

PEace Officer: Cop

The person who maintains and enforces the law in Alberta and is empowered to arrest troublemakers.

Perjury /'pə:dӡəri/, /p-gi-ri/: Perjury

Intentionally giving false statements after being sworn This is a criminal offense.

Plaintiff /'pleintif/, /pléin-tif/: Plaintiff, petitioner

The person who initiates a lawsuit against another person (the respondent).

Plea /pli:/: Admit, Confession or Confession

The defendant's admission in criminal court to the charge brought by the prosecutor. Defendant has plead guilty or not guilty.

Plea Bargain: Court-approved negotiations between the defendant (represented by an attorney) and the prosecutor, in which the The prosecutor proposed a lighter sentence in exchange for the defendant confessing. This agreement must be court approved.

Pleading /'pli:diŋ/, /plí-đing/: Documents of defense, defense

A statement of facts and provisions submitted to the court by the parties to the proceedings for defend a claim or defend an allegation.

Power of Attorney: Authority

(1) Authorization to manage property.

(2) Power of attorney.

Precedent /'presidənt/, /pré-si-dân/: Precedent

Court decisions in previous cases apply to the following similar cases this.

Preliminary Inquiry: Preliminary hearing, first instance hearing

The preliminary hearing is conducted by the Provincial Court to determine that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute accuse the defendant or not. A preliminary hearing is only needed in criminal cases for felony/serious crimes.

Pre-sentence Report: Report a criminal's personal information

The magistrate/magistrate will review this report before deciding on a sentence.

Pre-trial conference: Informal discussion before the trial

Informal pre-trial discussion between the attorneys of the parties and the judge to find conciliation or determining the amount of time needed to go to court. The parties try to narrow controversial issues, discuss the responsibilities and interests of the parties.

Prima facie: (Latin term) for easily identifiable characteristics, often used to describe the obvious nature of problem.

Pro-Bono Services: Non-profit service

(Latin term) for voluntary service, such as a lawyer representing a person in court but financial inability.

Probate /'proubeit/, /pro-now/: Probate procedures for wills

Court document attesting to valid Will. After this procedure, the trustee to manage the new estate has the right to execute the will.

Probation Order: Suspension, probation

A court order allows the person serving a sentence to be free but subject to court supervision.

Proceeding /prə'si:diŋ/, /prəsí-đing/: Process/procedure to proceed with the lawsuit for compensation or law enforcement.

Prohibition /prouhi'biʃn/, /pro-hi-biʃn/: Prohibition, prohibition

 Prohibition Order: A restraining order for certain conduct

Writing of Prohibition: A restraining order issued by a superior court instructing the lower court to suspend or resolve dispute resolution due to lack of jurisdiction.

Property /'prɔpəti/, /pró-poti/: Asset

Real Property: Real estate

Includes land and things attached to land such as houses and trees.

Personal Property: Personal property, excluding real estate, such as cars, jewelry, cash, .., Also called movable property.

Prosecute /'prɔsikju:t/, /prós-si-kiu/: Prosecution, conduct proceedings against suspects

Prosecution /,prɔsi'kju:ʃn/, /pro-si-kíu-court/: Process/procedure/suspect prosecution

Prosecutor /'prɔsikju:tə/, /prós-si-kiu-te/: Prosecutor, prosecutor

Attorneys appointed by the government to prosecute suspects. The prosecutor represents the government, and called Crown Prosecutor.

Punitive damages: Compensation for punitive purposes

Compensation for damage is decided by the court to punish wrongdoing caused by hatred, willfully harmful.

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