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English - Vietnamese Legal Translation Terms (P9 – Q – R – S)


Quash /kwɔʃ/: Cancel


R v. (name of the defendant) / The Queen v (name of the defendant):

In criminal proceedings, the government is the prosecuting party and is referred to as R, which stands for Rex (King) or Regina (Queen) is the head of the kingdom. The letter "v" is the letter stands for "versus the defendant" which means "against the defendant".

Note: Queen ofEngland is also the queen of Canada.

Recipient /ri'sipiənt/, /ri-si-pion/: Receiver

A person who receives or is entitled to receive financial assistance by court order or agreement.

Reciprocating Jurisdiction:

Provinces or countries have a mutual agreement to recognize and enforce laws, subsidies and agreements Agreements are made in these places.

Recognition /ri'kɔgnizns/, /ri-cók-ni-zâns/: The bail for inspection, bail bail

(1) The document includes the terms and conditions of bail.

(2) Security deposit.

Registrar /,redӡis'tra:/, /re-gís-tra/: Administrative officer, responsible for keeping court records.

Regulation /,regju'leiʃn/, /reg-ghiu-grab-pitch/: Rules and regulations
Regulations issued by governments or government agencies at all levels, city, province, federal state, with respective jurisdiction. Regulations are enforced like laws.

Relief /ri'li:f/:

Generic term for compensation that the plaintiff claims and the court can accept.

Remand /ri'ma:nd/, /ri-mán/: Return to the trial court, return to prison for further investigation

(1) Return to the lower court with instructions regarding further proceedings.

(2) Return the prisoner or defendant to prison to await trial or further investigation.

Remedy /'remədi/, /ré-me-go/:

Coercive measures to enforce a court order or to make restitution

Reply /ri'plai/, /ri-plai/: Respond or respond to a claim

Rescind /ri'sind/, /ri-sind/: Contract cancellation

Respondent /ri'spɔndənt/, /ris-spón-đân/: Defendant, person being sued

Review Board:

(According to the Penal Code) Each province has a supervisory board to review the defendant's cases mentally ill, not criminally responsible or incapable of going to court for offense.


Seal /si:l/: Stamp

(1) Imprint on the document.

(2) The seal on the document is authenticated by a notary/ notary office.

(3) A seal specific to a company or legal entity.

Search Warrant: Search warrant

A court order that allows police to enter private homes, search and confiscate evidence of crimes, or assets property suspected of serving the commission of a crime.

Security /si'kjuərəti/, /si-kíu-rəti/: Security, collateral

Security for Costs: Deposits

The amount paid to the court before the lawsuit can be used to pay the costs of the winning party.

Seizure /'si:ӡə/, /sí-ge/: Confiscation

The act of seizing property by order of a court or law enforcement agency without having consent of the property owner.

sentence: Penalties and punishments for offenders

Conditional Sentence: Conditional punishment

When the offender is sentenced to prison (less than 2 years), the judge can order a suspended sentence with a certain conditions and under the supervision of court personnel.

 Consecutive Sentence: Consecutive prison sentences

 Fine /fain/: Fines, money that individuals must pay if they are found guilty or violated offense.

Imprisonment: Imprisonment, imprisonment

 Intermittent sentence: Intermittent prison sentence

Imprisonment is intermittent (usually on weekends) for a period of time. According to the Penal CodeWell, a judge can only apply an interruption penalty if the jail time is up to 90 days. Usually, the court applies this punishment so that the convicted person can continue to work or go to school.

 Probation: Suspension, probation

The person serving the sentence does not have to go to jail but is subject to court supervision.

 Restitution: Compensation

A court order forcing the offender to return property or pay monetary compensation for stolen property damage, loss or payment of the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property, or often due to loss of income.

Separation: Separated

Two people no longer live together and at least one person wants to end the relationship.

Separation Agreement: Separation agreement

An agreement between husband and wife, often involving the rights and responsibilities of each person for child care, child support, spousal allowance and property division.

Several Liabilities: Individual responsibility of each person

Sheriff /'ʃerif/: Sheriff, police officer, bailiff

Responsible for enforcing court orders, serving (hand-delivering) legal documents to receive, manage and bring prisoners to court and are responsible for the security of the court.

Sin die: (Latin term) Infinite

Refers to a postponement of the hearing without specifying the time of the next hearing.

Solicitors: Lawyers specialize in legal advice and preparation of legal documents, and are not often involved
litigation in court.

Solicitors-Client Privilege: Confidentiality (not disclosing information) between attorney and client

Lawyers must keep all information exchanged with their clients (clients) confidential to the subject matter of the case.

Special damage: Special Compensation

Compensation for economic losses such as loss of income, property damage and medical expenses.

Special Expenses: Special expenses for children such as extracurricular activities, counseling, orthodontics, eye exams, etc Family Benefit Law in Canada.

Specific Performance:

A court order requiring the breaching party to perform a special obligation stated in the contract, as an alternative to compensation for breach of contract.

Standard of Proofs: Evidence required to prove the allegation is true (in civil action vụ and criminal cases).

Statement /'steitmənt/, /stý-man/: Report, list of events

Stay of proceedings: Suspension of proceedings

Submission /səb'miʃn/, /sb-mís-pitch/: Advocacy documents

Documents filed with the court that include a summary of the facts and relevant provisions for a party the.

Subpoena /səb'pi:nə/, /sb-pí-no/: Subpoena

Court order to testify at the hearing.

Summary Conviction Offensive: Misdemeanor, misdemeanor

Minor crimes with short jail terms and small fines. The maximum penalty is 6 months imprisonment. $5,000 fine or both. Procedures for handling these violations are quite simple compared to other crimes serious offense.

Summary Judgment:

The court's decision, not through the trial, quickly resolved the complaint of 1 party.

Summons (to testify): Court order to summon witnesses

Court order requiring a witness present at the hearing to give testimony concerning trial.

Support /sə'pɔ:t/, /sp-pot/: Subsidize

Financial support, according to family law, to raise children and to ex-spouse.

Child Support: Child support allowance

The non-custodial parent must periodically provide an amount to the custodial parent guardianship to raise children.

Spousal support: Spousal allowance
Financial assistance to help an ex-spouse with living expenses as agreed or ordered by court.

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