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The Secret of Choosing a Prestigious, Professional Translation Company – In the current technological era, translation needs are increasingly popular in businesses. But people do not know how to distinguish reputable - fast - cheap translation companies. With many years of experience in the translation profession, IDICHTHUAT give 7 prerequisites to the success of a translation company and also the criteria, How to choose a translation company? for your customers.

7 CChoosing a Prestigious Professional Translation Company in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

The size of the company

07 Ways to Choose a Professional Translation Company

This is the factor, how to choose the first professional translation company to be introduced to. Different clients will have different needs in this regard, but if you have a large amount of data to translate that includes several areas of expertise that need high accuracy. In these cases, customers need to find themselves a reputable translation company. The size of the company is also not sure to evaluate the entire service of that company, so it depends on other factors.

Let's share about some of the core issues in the The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Translation Company

International standards

When your company is in need of translating a large project with an international contract, the first thing you should do is find yourself a qualified company. Translation projects often have many moving parts. Translators, editors, project managers, etc. Companies that hold international certifications such as ISO 9001 or are members of the association. international translation companies. This is the second factor in choosing a translation company you need to know.

Translation team

Today there are many options for implementing a translation using different technologies, but if you provide a high quality translation then every customer will be satisfied. With a professional translation team, there will be strict translation processes to complete the most complete service. The translation team of a project usually has at least 3 members: the Project Manager, the Translator and the Quality Controller.

If I want to translate, how should I choose the service? Choose Translation Company or Individual Translation (Freelance)


With a project that needs high security, choosing a professional translation company is also essential. Because translation services are now very popular in the market, a translator can also be a translation company, so you must consider carefully to choose a suitable service.

Additional translations

Translation usually ends at the stage of returning the translation to the customer, but with a professional translation company there are many more stages. When the customer checks the translation, if there are any problems with the quality and presentation, the translation will have to be added to satisfy the customer. This will also help the translation company and the customer bond. more, more long-term cooperation.

Enthusiastic customer support

Between a translation company and the client, there is always a bridge between the translation manager and the person who directly submits the application. If you please this person, it will be very good for the job as well as the exchange will be easier.

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Wordlist of customers

For IDICHTHUAT In order to save translation time as well as complete the translation quickly, it is extremely necessary for the customer to provide a wordlist. Customers with expertise in a certain field often have a list of words and phrases of businesses in the field, so you can completely exchange with customers to increase the quality of the translation.

With 7 elements that IDICHTHUAT accumulated over the years. That's the secret too How to choose a reputable and quality translation company in Hanoi, HCMC, Danang. We hope to be the bridge between customers to find themselves a professional translation company.

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Update more information and other tips on choosing a reputable, professional and quality translation company.

For many companies and organizations, using translation and localization is the first step to increasing global market share and improving customer satisfaction. However, it is not easy to choose a suitable translation company to handle your projects. Regarding Vietnamese translation, to ensure that you have found your ideal translation partner, ask them the following 5 questions.

Where do the translators come from?

First, make it clear that the translators who will be handling your projects are native speakers of the target language. For Vietnamese translation, of course, look no further than an experienced and qualified Vietnamese translator. This will ensure that your content is not only translated but localized into Vietnamese.

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How is your project handled? What is the process?

Before choosing any language service, with Vietnamese translation being no exception, you also need to be sure of the workflow. Ideally, the translation agency should appoint a project manager as your direct person for anything related to the project. The company's in-house translators can not only translate, but also edit and proofread your content.

Do you have any references for your work?

Of course, another important aspect to consider when finding a suitable translation company is whether they can provide samples for their work. Check out their website to see if they have any case studies/samples/testimonials for Vietnamese translation services.

This will help your decision-making process in many ways. You can learn about the services the company specializes in, their experience in the industry and the level of their customer relationships.

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What makes you different?

Determining what makes one translation company different from another will help you achieve your goals. In addition to resources and costs, you can also check out technology tools that help speed up the translation process, reduce errors, and benefit your organization.

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