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To become a professional English translator takes a lot of time as well as learning from those who have gone before. At first think translation industry is simple because all you need to do is just translate the meaning from one language to another. However, how to translate correctly, how to say it is not a simple problem at all. These are the basic skills to be able to translate English well.


First: Books and/or CDs need to be equipped with:

1. Oxford advanced learner's dictionary.

2. Oxford collocations dictionary

3. Encarta Encyclopedia, Britannica,…

4. Lac Viet dictionary (should only be used as a reference tool and support for Oxford advanced learner's dictionary only).

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Second: The effect of the above documents when translating into English:

1. A common mistake when you write and translate English is that it is very difficult for native speakers to understand because you translate word by word. However, your Vietnamese sentence is also grammatically incorrect. So use this dictionary to look up sentence patterns and see how British people write so that we can speak and write better. Different languages ​​have different ways of expressing a problem. Many times it appears many idioms, many compound phrases. Then you cannot understand their meaning without using the original English dictionary.

2. Why use the Oxford Collocations Dictionary?

A specific example to illustrate. Translate the sentence “my company is qualified to do this job.” The answer is Our compay has proven ability to do this work. Why put proven in front of ability? Meanwhile, in Vietnamese sentences, there is no mention of Proven at all. The key word here is ability. Combined with the Oxford Collocations dictionary, a series of adjectives in English always come with ability. That's how it's written in English.

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3. Make yourself a 3 year old kid. Why?

For a 3-year-old child often asks everything he doesn't understand and asks adults to answer. However, this skill keeps getting lost over time because adults have inadvertently smothered the child's passion for learning with answers such as: Ask for what? Is that even so you have to ask? .....

Encyclopedia is the great teacher of each of us. Each concept and each of your questions are answered in detail by this teacher. Example: Sometimes you hear about unsustainable GDP growth. So have you ever asked the opposite: why is growth unsustainable?

To determine the answer to this question, you must determine what information you need to find to answer that question. Here obviously you have to find out what GDP is and the factors that govern GDP. Go to and type in GDP. You will have the answer. Please note that the Encarta 2007 and Britannica 2007 encyclopedias have 5 discs each. Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia.

4. Why should we only use Lac Viet dictionary or other English-Vietnamese dictionaries for reference?

As you know, Lac Viet dictionary or any other English-Vietnamese dictionary is based on English definitions of words in Oxford to translate a corresponding word in Vietnamese. However, many times the translation is incorrect, leading to incorrect translation.

For example, the word Outsourcing: means moving part or all of a company's work to another country or region with cheaper labor in order to create competitiveness. Our press translates it as outsourcing. That meaning does not cover the meaning of the word.

Why do we not translate English well?

Firstly, because your Vietnamese is not good. When you translate a text in a certain field, try to read a few texts of the equivalent field in Vietnamese to get vocabulary and at the same time learn their expression style.

Second: Translation is sometimes quite rigid. There are some fixed phrases that you should always memorize. For example: Department of Commerce: US Department of Commerce, Department of State: US Department of State. Vietnamese ministries translate as Ministry. Example: Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs...

Above are some basic skills for aspiring English translators to have a solid foundation and more confidence to move forward in their career choice. With these tools, you will surely translate English naturally and successfully.

The language will be so natural and precise that you no longer need to worry about your translation having a big impact on the relevant places. Good luck with your chosen career.

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