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Quality is an important factor when you look to a translation company.

Usually, one of the difficulties that customers come to translation companies is because they have not found themselves an in-depth translation team and the time they spend is not much to be able to process the documents.

The Most Important Factors When Choosing a Translation Company

So how can you ensure that when a client comes to a translation service, you will provide them with a quality translation and how do you measure this? This article will outline the quality issues in the translation industry and how you can make a quality translation for customers who trust your translation services.


For many years, the multi-language and multi-specialty translation service industry has become one of the hottest service industries today. To do that, a translation company must provide customers with a quality and affordable translation that are two important factors.

This is a key factor to customer satisfaction. However, not all translation companies satisfy customers with quality. It is important when operating translation that all parties are involved. involved in the process (buyers, suppliers, translators, etc.) all know the process, know the specialty of the document and how to do it to make a document with the highest accuracy. .

To do that, most translation companies these days use technology to reduce the error of words and increase the ability of the translator. will be very slow and confusing in the processing process and give the customer an incomplete translation.

Consulting The Most Important Factor When Choosing a Translation Company

To improve that, when you analyze the quality of translation work, you must evaluate 3 specific important factors that make up translation quality:

The first important factor: Review of customer documents

When a client sends you a resume, the first step many in the industry often forget is to check the profile to see if it looks good. Are specialized terms suitable for your capacity? Those factors are very important for you to complete a profile quickly.


The 2nd most important factor: Schedule time to complete the project

Although this step is not important for many people, for me, arranging time to complete 1 or more projects is a long-term process of accumulating experience that cannot be achieved overnight. get this factor.

So how do I mention this in the 2nd element and not in translation or something special? I myself have experienced hundreds of large and small projects until now, the first stumble was about the problem that I could not arrange the time and complete the deadline and had to pay the project up to several dozen. million.

Statistics of the Most Important Factors When Choosing a Translation Company

So my advice for you to be able to arrange your time in the most reasonable way:

• Division of work flows during the day

• Sort and mark the documents you have to process before the deadline about 1-2 hours

• Prepare tools and templates for documents you need to translate in advance.

In case you are stuck by something that delays the project, find friends in the industry to support and accompany you on the project.

The 3rd most important factor: Use technology to reduce time load and increase translation quality

Currently, there are many technologies to assist you in the translation process such as AABBYY, Trados, .. For a beginner, the first use and experience will be very difficult and time consuming. But with my advice, you should start with applying technology to the translation industry, it will bring you an unexpected effect.

I hope that my advice on this most important factor will help you in your work and improve your skills in the industry where I guarantee you will have a better life.

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