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Besides the quality of the translated text, all clients consider price a top priority. How to achieve a great translation for a minimal price, or in other words, how to ensure a cost-effective project? To help you calculate costs and prepare for any future translation projects, we will discuss 5 key factors that directly affect translation prices.

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Translator's salary cost

The country or city where translators live has a huge impact on how much they charge for a translation project. It is not surprising that translators living in Japan or Northern Europe have a relative standard of living and salary requirements that are twice or even more than those of those living in Southeast Asia.

Because in the end, their time and effort on a project must earn them enough money to cover the cost of living and other activities. So don't forget to consider the translator's location when calculating the price of your project. Loosening your budget a bit may be necessary if you are working with world first country translators.

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Rare language pair

Some languages ​​are more expensive to translate than others due to their difficulty and popularity. For instance, English to Japanese translations are likely to be more expensive than English to German translations because English and Japanese share a common origin, i.e. they use different Alphabets, Phonetics, and Grammar. , etc

In some cases, English acts as an intermediary between two less common language pairs, adding to the cost of a project. For example, Albanian-Korean is an uncommon language pair that is having a hard time finding a suitable translator.

In such a case, translation companies tend to have the source text in Albanian translated into English, then have translators translate it into Korean. This leads to higher prices and sometimes less accurate translations.

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Types of translation services

Your request for a particular type of service certainly affects the price of your translation project. If you order a Translation Only (TO) service that includes only one translator, the price is much cheaper than Translate + Edit (TE) or Translate + Edit + Reread (TEP) with more than 2 linguists involved. family. Similarly, additional requirements like Desktop Publishing, Software Engineering, or Language Quality Assurance will add to the price of your projects.

Document volume

Like many other industries where companies tend to offer discounts to people who order large quantities of products to encourage them to buy more, localization and translation agencies use the same principle. The higher your volume, the less you pay for a translated word. Finally, the overall price for your high volume project has gone down.

On the contrary, when the volume is too low, say 40-50 words, to ensure profits and compensate for the translation time of linguists, translators and localization agencies that can charge the maximum fee. high minimum.

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Execution time

For urgent translation projects, translators have to work extra time in the evenings or on weekends to meet deadlines. They often charge more for projects outside of business hours. Or assigned projects to different translators to reduce turnaround time. In these cases, the price for staff to work overtime to coordinate projects increases, so the overall price is not so cheap.

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