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What are the steps to get a complete translation?

Currently, our country is in the process of integration, the documents that need to be translated are increasingly rich and diverse. Therefore, the translation industry also occupies a very important position in that general trend. Understanding the process of translating documents well and easily is the secret to helping IDICHTHUAT Become an expert in this field.

8 Steps To A Complete Translation

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  1. Document analysis

After receiving the document to be translated, the project manager researches the specificity of the document, the deadline for completion, the glossary, the client's requirements, etc. to select the translation team and allocate time. fit. The study of specialization helps management staff to assign translation groups with good knowledge of this specialty. Thanks to that, the translation will achieve the highest accuracy and bring satisfaction to customers.

  1. Make an implementation plan

The project staff makes the implementation plan and hands it over to a translation and proofreading team that meets the specialization, quality requirements and schedule of the project to be translated. Project staff must make sure that their employees are on schedule and of good quality.

  1. Translation

Translators agree on specialized terms in the document, making a list of words that need attention for the most complete translation. Then start translating.

  1. Proofreading

After the translation is completed, the translators will transfer it to the editing staff to unify, edit and standardize the document. This is an important step because it is possible to screen out the most large and small errors and errors in the article.

  1. Read and edit translations

After completing the translation and proofreading, the translation team leader conducts final proofreading and formatting of the document to transfer the complete translation to the project staff.

  1. Document Check

The project staff receives the translation from the translation team leader and checks the document for the last time, if any errors are detected, they will immediately transfer it to the translation team leader for correction.

  1. Handover document

Project staff deliver completed documents to customers on time and agreed delivery method.

  1. Edit as required

If the customer detects that the translation has errors or needs to be added, the project staff is responsible for receiving the customer's feedback and requests and making timely corrections.

This is the 8 steps to complete the best translation to get the most complete document translation and deliver it to the client. Thanks to this, translation is no longer a big challenge for both translators and customers in need. IDICHTHUAT Always adhere to the above guidelines. Therefore, we confidently affirm that we can create the best quality translations, satisfying all customers.

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