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Professional educational document translation service

Are you an educational institution or public school district with international enrollment and need to translate web pages, academic transcripts or class materials into Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and Spanish? other languages?

Then look no further IdichthuatS. We provide on-demand and accurate educational translation services between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Korean and 100 other languages ​​for academic institutions and schools. the nation's leading profession.

Whether you need to translate school websites, marketing materials, parental consent forms, or student handbooks, Idichthuats is your one-stop solution for fast and professional educational translation services.

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Current educational translation documents

Our multilingual subject specialists are skilled in translating a wide range of academic content for Vietnamese and foreign colleges and universities as well as public and private high schools. We receive translated documents related to education and training into nearly 100 different languages:

School website Curriculum Degree Our Education Customers Transcript
Recommend school Student Consent Form New Student Orientation Document Training presentation International Exchange Agreement
Research papers Immigration and Visa Application Research report Parental consent form Master's thesis

Idichthuat proud to provide expert language translation services to a large number of educational institutions in Vietnam and around the world. Here is a growing list of education clients we serve: Foreign Trade University, Hanoi (FTU), National Economics University (NEU), National University of Economics Hanoi (UEB ),… In addition, we also receive documents for foreign educational institutions:

Columbia University University of Pennsylvania University of California, Davis College of Health Sciences & Sciences Oregon University of Nebraska Nebraska Lincoln University of Panamericana University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Penn Georgia State University,…

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Subject translation

Idichthuat has one of the largest teams of professional native linguists and subject matter experts specializing in translation for a wide range of academic and academic disciplines.

Whether you need translation services for medical schools, law schools or financial institutions, we have the experience, best practices and advanced technology solutions to ensure language quality and content effectiveness. highest localization.

We are so confident that you will enjoy our educational translation services, we offer you complete satisfaction and a 30-day risk-free guarantee. The following is a list of schools in the fields that are working with us:

Technical School School of pharmacy Business School Veterinary School
Law School Medical College Science University College of Liberal Arts

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Language interpreting service at school

Modern teaching methods emphasize joint efforts between teachers and parents at school and at home so that students reach their highest learning potential. Therefore, schools often conduct parent meetings to go over student progress reports and various learning activities.

For families of international and immigrant students, language interpretation is often necessary to ensure the most effective two-way communication. In fact, many Vietnamese publishing school districts are required by law to provide language interpretation services to students whose parents do not speak English. Idichthuat provides both simultaneous and simultaneous on-site and remote telephonic (OPI) interpretation. 

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Idichthuat greatly simplified educational translation services for colleges and universities by moving the entire localization workflow online. Simply drag and drop your files into our cloud portal, specify the language and see how easy it is to have them translated by professional linguists Idichthuat. Click the button below to watch a video tutorial on how to translate educational content for your college or university.

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