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As we all know, Chinese (also known as Mandarin Chinese) is the most widely spoken language in the world. Chinese is also a very diverse language with many dialects, of which the official spoken language in China is Mandarin with Beijing sound as standard, also known as Quoc Ngu.

In document translation, we mainly work with Chinese characters. Chinese characters have 2 different ways of writing them called Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese characters are widely used in mainland China, while Traditional Chinese characters are used mainly in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Due to geographical and historical conditions, Vietnam and China have always had close exchanges in terms of politics, economy, culture and society. Since Vietnam's reform and opening up, especially since joining the WTO, due to the increasing demand for cultural exchange and economic integration, Chinese-Vietnamese translation has become an indispensable part of the operation. business, cultural exchange of many organizations and individuals in Vietnam, China, Taiwan and around the world. We are proud that our Chinese - Vietnamese translation service is leading the industry in the Chinese translation market in Vietnam today.

If you have a need to translate an Economic Contract, a Bid, a Hydropower Project, a Financial Report or just a short transaction E-mail etc from Chinese to Vietnamese or vice versa, please choose Choose us for the following reasons:

1 Professional Chinese translator team

Understanding that quality is always the top concern of customers, Idichthuat applies a rigorous selection process to its translation and proofreading staff, they must be Chinese translators with at least 3 years of professional translation experience, in addition They must also be equipped with sufficient background knowledge and experience related to the specialty they receive translation.

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2 The process of ensuring translation quality

To ensure the quality of the translation, notarized Chinese translation Idichthuat strictly follow the standard translation process such as document analysis, implementation planning, translation, proofreading, checking as well as editing translated documents at the request of customers after handing over the translation.

3 Complete on time

Whether with a large or small translation project, Idichthuat always ensure to complete the translation with quality and on or before the deadline agreed with the customer.

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4 Competitive translation price

Idichthuat is committed to offering the most competitive, most reasonable and most transparent prices in order to bring the best economic efficiency to customers.

Because of the above factors, we are currently a supplier reliable translation service of many government agencies, enterprises, and large domestic and international projects.

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